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We built ReCharge with a single objective in mind:

Grow your business by creating a seamless buying experience.

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Quickly enable subscription offers

Set up in minutes, then connect to your existing tech and the most popular payment processers.

Roll out subscriptions in minutes

ReCharge was designed to let your store offer subscription products with a few clicks. You can start selling subscriptions in minutes. There’s no heavy customization or professional service required.

Support all the major processors & methods

We support Stripe,, Braintree by Paypal, and Active Merchant for payment processing. We also support credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, SEPA, and iDEAL as payment methods.

Integrate with top commerce tools

ReCharge provides built-in discount, taxes, and shipping engines as part of our subscription billing platform. We also integrate with the top providers in these categories to support a best-of-breed commerce stack. Connect us with technologies you’ve already implemented so your business runs seamlessly.

Projected revenue for next 30 days

Increase lifetime value & customer engagement

Create a better subscription experience for subscribers while increasing your revenue.

Let customers manage their 
own subscriptions via text or customer portal

Use our Customer Portal or ReChargeSMS to let your shoppers manage their subscriptions online or on their phones. For the Customer Portal, you can choose from a variety of pre-built templates or create a completely customized experience from scratch to fit your brand. With ReChargeSMS, subscribers can simply reply via text message to update their orders to include a one-time product, swap products, change their shipping address, and more.

Grow AOV through upsells like adding one-time products

We offer quick and easy ways for you to increase average order value, like allowing subscribers to combine one-time and subscription items in the same shopping cart. These simple upsell workflows let your best customers try more of your products, without making it feel like a big commitment.

Keep everyone in the loop with automatic notifications

Ensure that your customers are always kept up-to-date about their subscriptions with our notifications. Automatically notify your customers about upcoming charges, card declines, and other common scenarios. Set automatic alerts for yourself if customers cancel their subscriptions or if there’s an error in processing a payment.

Reduce customer churn

Create brand loyalty by meeting your customers where they are.

Let shoppers skip or 
reschedule deliveries

Sometimes your customer just needs to skip this month’s shipment, and not being able to leads to subscription cancellations. Improve retention by making it easy to skip or reschedule a delivery when they try to cancel. We’ve seen these simple tactics increase 
LTV by 30%.

Allow shoppers to 
swap products

Customers will sometimes try to cancel a subscription when they’re actually interested in trying a different product. When this isn’t easy or possible to do, it leads to unnecessary churn. Make it easy for your customers to change which product they’re subscribed to when they try to cancel.

Improve payment conversions with automatic retries and dunning

When a charge is declined, ReCharge will automatically retry the charge based on intervals that you set. We can also notify your customer that the charge failed and request updated payment information. For more advanced payment recovery methods, we also integrate with tools like Churn Buster.

Build custom workflows

Use the ReCharge APIs to automate your business and incentivize shoppers.

Use powerful APIs to 
get any job done

We provide a powerful set of APIs so you can customize your subscription offering any way you want. Create your own workflows, like post-purchase upsells, build the Customer Portal exactly how you envision it, or query store performance data to do in-depth analysis, anything goes!

Build automated workflows 
to grow your business

ReCharge allows you to create different workflows designed to increase customer LTV. For example, you may want to create a free-trial workflow to incentivize customers to try a new product or offer free shipping for subscription orders after a trial. Incorporate any playbook with ReCharge workflows.

Measure performance & optimize your business

Gain actionable insights that help you meet your customer’s needs.

Get insight into revenue, customers, and subscriptions

Track all your key performance indicators with our analytics suite. We’ll show you in-depth sales breakdowns, total refunds, average order values, churn rates, and much more. We’ll even help you project future revenue based on historicals! All the data you need to run and grow your business is in one place.

Understand your customers like never before

Knowing what the numbers are is one thing, knowing why is another. ReCharge tells you why your customers cancelled, how much of your churn is due to failed charges, and who is skipping deliveries or swapping products. We empower you to win back lost customers like never before.

Track product performance in 
real time

Which products are selling? Which ones aren’t? Which one has the highest retention? Which have the highest churn? Answer all of these questions and take action with one glance at our Product Analytics Dashboard.

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