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One solution to streamline your tech stack, connecting all of the products you need to drive LTV.

Trusted by over 20,000 of the world’s leading DTC brands

$20B in processing

20K merchants

100M subscribers

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Grow. Retain. Test. Improve.

Recharge’s industry-leading platform approaches LTV growth from all angles, allowing you to build seamless shopping journeys that maximize revenue and create lifelong customers.

Suite of retention & growth tools

Quickly deploy your programs with easy no-code and low-code functionality, or deeply customize via the Recharge API and SDK.

Subscriptions by Recharge

Build and scale your recurring revenue stream.

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Bundles by Recharge

Sell curated product bundles, or let shoppers customize their own.

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Flows by Recharge

Personalize the customer journey and easily solve for key scenarios, like passive and active churn recovery.

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Unified data & insights

Gain a unified view of all your data so you can quickly identify your most valuable customers, offers, programs, and incentives—allowing you to more effectively assess the health of your business and drive LTV.

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Single customer view

Deeply understand your customers with a consolidated view of their program and product interactions.

Recharge Analytics

Track all your key performance indicators in one place for actionable insights into your customers, products, and revenue metrics.

Industry benchmarks & recommendations

Equip your business with key benchmarks, recommendations, and data on the state of the industry in our annual report and pre-built dashboards.

Built-in testing & optimization

Create segmented and personalized shopper journeys based on your subscriber data.

Explore Flows

Seamless A/B testing

Easily test and iterate on the tactics and programs that maximize your revenue.

Pre-built templates

Leverage our Flows templates to quickly surprise and delight customers, provide discounted upsell offers, reduce active churn, and more.

Personalized customer journeys

Offer subscribers tailored experiences that give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

The trusted solution for scalability & stability

400M+ API requests per day

1.3M charges handled on a single day

100M subscribers served