Primal Blueprint is the health and wellness brand based around author Mark Sisson’s best-selling book by the same name. Focused on cultivating lifelong wellness, Primal Blueprint’s weight loss supplements, educational courses and Primal Kitchen health-forward snacks promote healthy living and ideal body weight.


Offering top-quality weight loss supplements and education, Primal Blueprint grew quickly alongside the success of the best-selling book--and as a result, the website came to a point where Magento was no longer the best solution. By partnering with Above Market , an award-winning web design and development company, they were able to find a new website solution and successfully migrate more than 3,700 subscribers to the Recharge platform.

Subscriptions through Recharge are a huge part of Primal Blueprint’s business. Subscription sales volume is 2x more than non-subscription sales.

John Erck

Above market


When Primal Blueprint got to a point where Magento was no longer a viable solution for their business, they turned to Above Market to help them find a new platform and subscription billing partner that would accommodate their rapid pace of growth.

They also needed to be sure that data around their subscriptions was successfully exported and reinstated for their 3,700+ customers. Any scrambled or lost data would have a major impact on the business--and would put them at risk of losing their customers’ trust.


Above Market decided on Shopify as a best-of-breed tool, and they also recommended Recharge as a subscription billing partner. Working closely with the Recharge team, they migrated more than 3,700 subscribers and worked through a back-end spreadsheet issue to ensure a seamless data switch-over. Not a single line of data was misplaced, and the transition was completed successfully.

Since making the switch to Shopify + Recharge, subscriptions have grown to a point where they are now twice the volume of non-subscription sales. With 47 total subscription products, Primal Blueprint is thriving within the subscription environment, and continues to grow.

Recharge has been a fantastic partner that really complements our skills as an agency. They have a great product and a great team that’s always very responsive.

John Erck

Above market