Founded in 2009, Sellry is a Shopify Plus partner agency rooted in technology that helps brands tell their stories through unique visual direction. With a creative approach to audience engagement via UX, they’ve helped ecommerce brands grow and scale to new heights including Flight Club, Best Made, Supergoop!, Meow Wolf, DSTLD, Oaklandish, and The Cereal School.


Competing against mega-retailers online can be tricky for subscription-first stores. Subscription sales provide convenience, but in order to really stand out, they need unique checkout flows to catch customers’ attention. Utilizing Recharge’s API, agencies like Sellry can mold the entire customer journey from start to finish based on the merchant’s wishes.

One of Sellry’s strengths as an agency is its vast experience building unique storefront set-ups for merchants. Customers crave fresh, new experiences with memorable checkout flows that improve store conversion. Paired with their insight into subscription commerce, Sellry is able to execute smart and effective strategies for merchants in a variety of different verticals that produce immediate, impactful results.

"A classic UX principle is ‘make it easy for me.’ This is what we try to link into our UX design, which we call 'creating flow.' A solid flow is key for initial user acquisition, both educating a customer on what they are signing up for and reducing acquisition costs."

Michael Bower

CEO at Sellry


Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned and operated small-batch coffee roastery based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their initial launch was a success but the team soon realized a run-of-the-mill coffee company wouldn’t set them apart from the competition. Therefore, they set a new goal of building out a subscription checkout flow to focus on customization for growth and ease of use for retention.

This project would have been feasible had it been a standard 4-6 month timeframe. However, the required project delivery date was less than 2 months away.
Not only was timing an issue, but the existing UX needed a total overhaul. They needed to completely overhaul the checkout to create that memorable experience – something that felt unique for each subscriber’s preferences and kept them coming back long-term.


In less than six weeks, the new subscription integration with Recharge was up and running. A brand-new customer journey was created from scratch designed to onboard new subscribers with as little friction as possible. The focus was exclusively on crafting a seamless flow for customers by removing all hurdles and getting users from the product page to checkout as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the new build, new subscribers now get to build their own custom subscription with educational input at each step. Choosing which type of coffee, the quantity, and the delivery frequency creates a sense of commitment that helps boost customer satisfaction and reduce churn. The checkout mimics an exclusive membership experience that makes customers feel like part of a community.

“We needed to just push ‘go’, and that’s what we did,” reflects Michael Bower. “The Recharge API gave us the confidence going into this project that from the outset we knew we could fill whatever gaps in code we needed to. This gives us as an agency a tremendous amount of confidence that we can go into uncertain situations and end up with an amazing outcome.”

The extra attention to user flow paid off - Black Rifle Coffee created a splash when it re-launched the site. Subscriptions have blossomed month over month and quickly progressed from a single-digit start to representing over a quarter of their total revenue.

"Recharge was a big part of how we were able to move quickly. It used to take 2,000 hours to do what we can do with Recharge in a week and a half."

Michael Bower

CEO at Sellry