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Enhance the Customer Portal with the Theme Engine

Enable customers to manage every aspect of their subscription through a completely customized UI

Theme Engine Features - Hero
Features - Lola

Empower customers to manage their own subscriptions

Prior to the launch of the Theme Engine, it was only possible to modify HTML and CSS in the header and footer section of the Customer Portal. You could modify things like color, size, and font but nothing more.

The Theme Engine opens up all pages of the Customer Portal to be editable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The pages are laid out individually for coding simplicity and all elements are pulled in from the existing Shopify theme are editable.

Now merchants with budget, access to a front-end developer, and a desire to provide customers with a more robust subscription management tool can build a fully-customized Customer Portal using the Theme Engine.

For more information on why you may want to upgrade including diving into potential increases in average order value, lifetime value, retention, and more crucial key performance indicators, read more here.

How it works

Theme Engine Features - Pre Built
Base template

The default Customer Portal includes pre-built pages for customers to review and manage their subscription products. Each page allows for different actions like: add new or cancel existing subscriptions, view order history, update address and payment info, and change the delivery schedule.

Theme Engine Features - Deploy
Increase lifetime value and reduce churn

Customize the structure and layout as needed to consolidate separate pages into one smooth flow or add separate pages based on your business model. Then sit back and watch your Customer Portal reduce churn while increasing customer satisfaction.

Theme Engine in action

Tiege Hanley trimmed away many of the optional elements to make managing subscriptions as simple as possible for their customers. The result is a very clean UI with a dark color scheme and straightforward UX with as little confusion as possible.

LOLA developed a robust edit subscription screen for customers, who now have the ability not only to update their shipping address and payment details, but also to modify their preferred delivery frequency and product SKU — all on a single screen.

Note: Theme Engine is a Pro gated feature. To apply for Pro, submit the Pro form below. Learn more about this feature in the Theme Engine support article here.

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