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How to enable One-Time Products

One-Time Products can be enabled or disabled through the Customer Portal settings in your ReCharge account.

Step 1

Set "Add products to subscription" to "Storeowner and customer"

One-Time Products - How to - Step 1

Step 2

Set "One-time purchases" to "Enabled for everyone"

One-Time Products - How to - Step 1

Step 3

Choose an option for "Products for one-time purchase"

One-Time Products - How to - Step 3

Currently, ReCharge offers two options for "Products for one-time purchase":

All ReCharge Products:

Only displays Shopify products that belong to a ReCharge ruleset with the type of One-time and subscription.

All Shopify Products:

Displays all published products on Shopify, even those not included in a ReCharge ruleset.

Examples of merchants using One-Time Products

The team at Native, makers of chemically safe personal care products like deodorant and body soap, use One-Time Products to offer smaller sample sizes of their other products so you can try them before subscribing.

Medlie, seller of superfood shots, knows that sometimes you don’t get enough veggies. That’s why they offer nearly every product in their store as a One-Time Product, so customers can test them before they buy.

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