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Measure, retain, and grow your business with the Enhanced Analytics suite

Track your KPIs

Get a snapshot of high level indicators of your business. Custom define the date range to examine historical growth or recent flash sale success.

Cohort analysis

Understand the nuts and bolts behind each cohort, why customers cancel, and major churn factors to help you improve retention and grow sales. Our dynamic cohort selection capabilities will help you measure the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing initiatives.

Cohort retention

For subscription merchants, retention is just as important as acquisition. Effectively track and optimize the value of your customers and take a closer look at how purchase behavior changes over time.

Gain a clear view into your business, plan for tomorrow, and strategize for growth months and years down the road.

Learn more about this feature in the Analytics support article here.

Note: Analytics is a Pro gated feature. Apply for early access using the Pro form below.

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