Loyalty by Recharge

Incentivize repeat purchases and retention with exclusive rewards and benefits

Graphic of a bottle overlayed with a message indicated that the user has earned a $10 store credit

Purpose-built loyalty solutions for subscription brands

Incentivize your customers to keep returning to your store with personalized benefits and rewards they actually want—no points calculations required.

Benefits and rewards you can offer include:

  • Discounted pricing
  • Free or discounted shipping options
  • Exclusive and early access to new products and sales
  • Free gifts
  • Cash-back incentives
Graphic illustrating the user interface for a customer who has earned a free 12oz kombucha

Loyalty built for your unique customer journey

Integrate Loyalty throughout your customer journey in a variety of ways. Set up just one use case or try them all in tandem—it’s entirely up to you.

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Powerful subscription benefits

Offer tailored, subscriber-only benefits and rewards, adding value for your customers while increasing your retention.

Valuable paid membership programs

Give your customers exclusive access to key incentives in exchange for a recurring fee, keeping them engaged and coming back for more.

Enticing cash-back promotions

Incentivize your customers with cash-back instead of discount codes to promote your products, encouraging repeat purchases and increasing satisfaction.

Why Loyalty?


of subscribers say that good perceived value—the right combination of pricing and benefits—is most important when signing up for a new subscription1


of paid loyalty program members are more likely to spend more on a brand after joining2


of consumers prefer rewards in the form of cash back rather than points or miles3

Frequently asked questions

Have questions before you get started? We’re here to help.

Why doesn't Recharge offer a points-based loyalty solution?

At Recharge, we believe that cash-back rewards are easier for many customers to understand than points-based loyalty programs. There’s also no need for complex calculations or points conversions—an appealing level of simplicity that can increase participation and customer engagement.

How do I get started with Loyalty?

To get started with Loyalty, set up a consultation with our Sales team, who will help you determine the best use cases for your business needs and unique customer base. 

Is Loyalty included with Recharge Subscriptions?

Loyalty is not included with Recharge Subscriptions. However, merchants who use Recharge Subscriptions are eligible to enable loyalty as an add-on. Once enabled, Loyalty will be fully integrated with Subscriptions.

Where can I learn more about paid membership programs?

Learn more about paid membership programs and gain inspiration for your store in our guide, The Ecommerce Membership Advantage.

What types of businesses are the best fit for Loyalty?

Loyalty is best suited for subscription-first brands processing more than $250k in monthly subscriptions charges.