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It’s not just about the software

Just as we’re passionate about creating the best recurring billing platform, we’re equally passionate about empowering and supporting our agency partners. Our partners team is here to give you the guidance, support, and training to help your clients grow and succeed.

Partners - Financial incentives

Financial Incentives

Earn a revenue share for each store

Partners - Dedicated support


We’ll provide you and your team with 1-on-1 training and development support

Partners - Exclusive access

Exclusive access

Receive early access to our latest features and integrations


Partners - financial icon


New revenue stream

For every merchant you set up with ReCharge you earn revenue share. As a technology-first company we don’t take on custom development meaning you benefit as we drive traffic from merchants to our partner ecosystem. The partner program is ideal for agencies as well as freelance developers.
Partners - Benefit revenue graph
Partners - support icon


Demos and development support

We support you in becoming both ReCharge and subscription experts.

As part of your on boarding and continuing through your partnership with ReCharge we’ll provide you and your team with one-one training and development.

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Get access to our latest features

Being part of ReCharge’s ecosystem of partners means you gain the earliest access to our latest features and integrations.

We work closely with trusted developers to generate feedback and bring our latest developments to your clients before anyone else.

Recurring Billing - Features - Automate business

We’ve used ReCharge for over six of our clients. The development teams’ responsiveness and willingness to provide solutions to complex builds has been the best part of working with ReCharge.
– Andrew Gordon, Vice President, Simplistic

You’ll be in good company

Partners - Simplistic
Partners - Eastside CO
Partners - BVAccel

What to expect as a partner?

A referral: a warm introduction to a merchant made by a partner that leads to the successful installation of ReCharge onto the merchant’s relevant store(s).

Setting up or retaining a ReCharge merchant. Partners involved in the setup of ReCharge for a merchant or involved in customizing a solution to retain the merchant with ReCharge can also claim the affiliation.

We only allow for a single merchant to be affiliated to any one partner. In the event of a conflict the partner deemed to have carried out the most work to either setup or retain the merchant will be affiliated.

A referral will persist for the lifetime of a merchant’s usage of ReCharge or until the event they are removed from the partner’s account.

An affiliated merchant may be removed from a partner’s account at our discretion based upon merchant feedback regarding performance, communication or broken timeline(s).

Each month between the 2nd and 31st of the month, ReCharge will pay out the agreed percentage revenue share of each affiliated merchant’s invoices for that given month.

ReCharge does not generate a revenue share for stores on a free trial.

ReCharge has the right to remove a partner from the partner program at our discretion.

Causes for removal can include but are not restricted to:

  • Negatively impacting a ReCharge merchant’s business
  • Migrating a ReCharge customer to a direct competitor without consulting with the ReCharge team first to discuss the situation
  • Posting negative content regarding ReCharge online

Let's partner up

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