Grow your subscriber base

Once you get a taste for how much higher your customer lifetime value (LTV) is for a subscriber, you’ll want more. The fastest way to get there is a combination of web optimization and an informed incentive strategy. We’ll detail each method you might explore on this page, including helpful resources to keep your business growing.

For even more guidance, use our expert tips to grow your revenue in combination with your Analytics dashboard.

Checklist for subscriber acquisition

When it comes to growing your subscription program, your main goal should be to make signing up for subscriptions easy and attractive. Easier said than done, right? Start here:

  1. Optimize your shop’s UI and UX to encourage subscription sales.Does your website actually give customers the information they need to feel confident subscribing? Make sure signing up is an easy decision:
  2. Plan your incentive strategy.Creating enticing offers such as discount and loyalty programs are frequent acquisition approaches for good reason, but be sure to do it tactfully to avoid cutting into your bottom line. Consider incorporating these tactics:

Super power your subscription growth with the help of Recharge LoyaltyLoyalty integrates seamlessly with Subscriptions so that you can offer subscribers unique benefits while continuing to develop relationships with customers not yet ready to subscribe. Envision your customer journey through both loyalty and subscription programs to drive higher impact for both.

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Common questions when expanding your subscription offeringsExpand all

How can Recharge help me further upsell my current customers?

With the Novum customer portal theme, you can use Recharge collections to promote targeted one-time purchases to subscribers from the customer portal. You can take this idea a step further with the Affinity Theme, where Pro & Custom plan merchants can augment their customer portal with custom content placements. Use Klaviyo Quick Actions to target your customers to quick-add products to their subscription, or consider an integration like Rebuy to follow up with subscribers on additional targeting. ResourcesUsing Recharge CollectionsCustom content and the Affinity ThemeKlaviyo Quick ActionsUpsell and cross-sell integrations

Which Recharge features have I not taken advantage of yet?

Browse our complete list of features to confirm you’re using every tool available to you. ResourcesFeatures page

Do I need to recreate discount codes I’ve already created in my ecommerce platform?

Shopify merchants can import their discount codes, but merchants using other ecommerce platforms will need to create the discount code in both the ecommerce platform and Recharge. ResourcesImporting discounts from Shopify

How do I integrate Recharge with my existing marketing and customer support platforms?

Each of our 50+ integrations can be quickly connected to Recharge through the “Apps” section of your merchant portal. ResourcesIntegrations directory

What subscriber acquisition benchmarks should I be shooting for in my industry?

Reference how you compare to industry benchmarks using Recharge Analytics. You can also read our latest Subscription Commerce Report for more context on these trends. ResourcesRecharge AnalyticsSubscription Commerce Report

What metrics should I understand in order to improve my business growth?

The key metric to keep an eye on in this stage is your customer acquisition cost. Make sure you also monitor and understand other metrics like lifetime value and average order volume for a more comprehensive picture of your company’s growth trajectory. ResourcesMore about customer acquisition costLearn about other key subscriber metrics

How can I update my content strategy to attract new subscribers?

If recurring commerce is a core component of your business model, that should be clear in your content strategy. Blogs, social media posts, and more can help your brand sell subscriptions. ResourcesHow to get your first 1,000 subscribers and beyondCreating valuable content for your subscribers: Tips for blogging