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Hit Subscribe podcast episode cover featuring Nihar Kulkarni, Managing Director, Roswell Studios

Retention marketing strategies for growth

Nihar Kulkarni, Managing Director, Roswell Studios

What's in this episode?

On this episode of Hit Subscribe, we talk to Nihar Kulkarni, Managing Director of Roswell. Nihar has spent nearly a decade honing his craft, watching the rise of Shopify, the founding of Recharge, and the current state of ecommerce.

We walk through Nihar's experience in retention marketing and delve into lifetime value as the key metric for subscription brands to focus on. He also breaks down the various subscription models, including bundling and memberships, which are two new offerings Recharge has been building with their clients at Roswell.

We also get Nihar's thoughts on headless commerce, Web3, and AI. Don't miss out on his unique take on how all three elements come together to create a successful ecommerce business!

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