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How to grow revenue with customer support (featuring Gorgias)

Dillon Duchesne, Technology Partner Manager, Gorgias

What's in this episode?

On this episode we talk to Dillon Duchesne, Technology Partner Manager from Gorgias, the most downloaded customer support app in the Shopify app store. We identify the values of a customer support team and why they exist in the first place. Then we examine how layering in a support center like Gorgias can help turn that support team from a reactive team to a proactive, revenue generating channel for your business.

Dillon gives us so many stats to support the idea that the merchant of the future needs to own all of their support channels from social media to email, to sms, website chat bots, and more. Dillon also showcases 5 brands crushing it with their support channels and how you can leverage their successes and lessons to grow your brand.

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