Through conversations about intention, presence, and candles, founders Stephen and Harry knew they had an idea worth pursuing. For them, lighting a candle signified a shift, a ritual for unwinding after a busy day of commotion and chaos, and settling into relaxation. Appreciating the power of these moments, and how they help guide people back to a centered state, Stephen and Harry created Keap. They set out to design both better candles for the planet, and an experience that helps people prioritize connection in their lives.


As a certified B-corporation, Keap makes their candles with innovative materials— reusable candle holders, sustainable coconut wax, and plastic-free packaging. Their products come in a variety of well-balanced compositions that brilliantly capture the world’s most evocative scents. In addition to their high quality products, Keap is redefining consumerism by creating a regenerative business. Instead of seeing consumption as a system that harms, they’re striving for a new model that produces energy and abundance. They advocate for the environment, focus on a zero-waste approach, and nurture their customers’ connection to the natural world through storytelling. Candles are accompanied by original poems, and their Ignite series features stories related to themes inspired by the scent of the month.

“The benefit of a subscription is it encourages a healthy, long-term relationship on both sides.”

Stephen Tracy



A large part of the Keap mission is to bring connection to the world, including those with their customers. Since they hoped to create these ongoing relationships, subscriptions were an element of the Keap vision from day one. Keap needed to integrate subscriptions into their platform with a service that offered their customers flexibility and ease. They wanted subscriptions to feel as comforting as their candles—warm and consistent, but no one’s locked in if they want to leave, and customers have complete control to adjust as needed.


Keap wanted to offer subscriptions from their inception, and through partnering with Recharge, achieved this goal. Recharge doesn’t require heavy customization, so Keap was able to quickly implement the service. However, they maximized the benefits of customization where it counts in order to bring their customers a great experience.

For Keap, it was essential that customers feel empowered and supported through the subscription. Since people burn candles at different rates, they wanted to provide customers with flexible options for delivery frequency and time. In the portal, customers were given full freedom to manage their own subscriptions, including swapping scents, changing order dates, or skipping a month.

Through their subscription service, Keap takes customers on a scent journey over time. Throughout the year customers receive special candles that are carefully selected for the season. In the colder months, cozy scents are a respite from the chill, and in warmer times, lighter scents transport to cooler moments.

Also, with access to their data on Recharge, Keap was able to gain insight into revenue, track product performance, and plan for stocking. As a small business that uses expensive fragrances, this information was valuable for effective planning. By partnering with Recharge, Keap created a multi-sensory experience for their customers. Having blended story-telling with scents, adding subscriptions meant they could take customers on a complete, connected, and compelling journey.

“Recharge has thoughtfully added features that fully empower our customers to create their perfect Keap experience”

Stephen Tracy