Ciara Fanlo

Ciara Fanlo

Ciara (pronounced like Keira Knightley, but the Knightley is silent) is a content marketing associate dedicated to creating valuable resources for our merchants and partners. Before Recharge, she was a marketer at a music streaming company, a field guide at a therapeutic wilderness program, and a barista (not all at the same time.) Originally from San Francisco, Ciara now lives in Denver, and spends her time climbing mountains, reading books, writing short stories, and making different kinds of nut butter. Favorite Recharge merchants: Oatly, Keap Candles, Wild Deodorant

Storytelling with subscriptions

Your subscribers are more than just shoppers—they’re also your audience. When a customer signs up for your service, you’re guaranteed their business for a period of time. Whether it’s a weekly, monthly, or quarterly purchase, a subscription gets your customer on a regular and consistent schedule to receive and buy your products. Subscriptions hold more value than one-time purchases, and not just monetarily. 

Psychology behind subscriptions

The psychology behind subscriptions

The subscription economy has grown nearly 6x (more than 435%) over the last 9 years. There’s a multitude of benefits to businesses implementing this model—predictable revenue, reducing churn, forecasting inventory, valuable customer data, and increased average order value (and the list goes on). Needless to say, subscriptions are a strong move for businesses. 

Powerful & profitable subscriptions

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Subscription Marketing & Advertising

Turns out the experts know a thing or two. So for our Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks, we teamed up with 12 of the industry’s most successful ecommerce agencies to talk insight, strategy, and top tips. We’ve covered all the bases—from cross-selling and upselling to customizing the shopper experience—and compiled the best bits into actionable guides. 

Science-backed strategy with Lovevery

When setting out to create a product, improve an aspect of it, or design a marketing strategy for your business, it helps to have science on your side. Testing, iterating, and refining are necessary steps for any process. 

Unboxing creativity & growth with Common Thread Collective

You’ve been checking UPS updates all day to track when your shipment will finally arrive. A doorbell ring, rushed scurry, and excited squeal later, you’re finding scissors to unbox the package. You open it up and discover your eagerly awaited item is wrapped in the coolest tissue paper. The pattern on the inside pops and there's a personalized card from the business—you're seriously impressed.