Callie Hawley

Callie Hawley

Callie is a content marketer with a passion for storytelling, creating educational content, and writing the annual State of Subscription Commerce Report. Callie started out working with animals early in her career, and decided to make the move to a different beast all together, jumping into marketing for a large technology distributor and eventually moving into SaaS. Over the last decade, Callie has worked in product marketing, corporate communications, content, and social media. Born in California, but raised in Florida, Callie loves the beach and is a self-proclaimed bird nerd. Callie spends her spare time crocheting and hanging out with her husband, toddler, and dog. Favorite Recharge merchants Callie subscribes to: HelloBello, OLIPOP, and Native

Subscription revenue

How subscription revenue strengthens your customer relationships

For ecommerce merchants, predictable revenue can often be elusive as customers purchase items one-off, and inevitably move on. Enabling subscriptions for your brand can turn one-time transactions into long-term relationships, ultimately reducing churn and increasing customer lifetime value (LTV). 

The Ultimate Guide to Transactional SMS

The Ultimate Guide to Transactional SMS is here!

By now you have likely heard that utilizing SMS for your brand is a great way to get in front of your customers. However, many merchants are using SMS specifically for promotional messages, which can garner a 40%–60% opt-out rate. For those merchants with a subscription model, the less-risky form of SMS communications, transactional SMS (with only a 3%–6% opt-out rate), allows for increased engagement from your customers around their subscription.

The State of Subscription Commerce Report

The State of Subscription Commerce Report is HERE!

We are excited to announce that our annual State of Subscription Commerce Report is officially live! This year’s report centers around the challenges and opportunities of 2020, and how merchants were able to meet their customers where they were to reach new levels of success.

Flexibility for Subscription Businesses

Your subscribers want flexibility. Here’s how to offer it.

Famous basketball player and coach John Wooden once said, “Flexibility is the key to stability.”

For the ever-changing world of subscription commerce, it’s no different. Consumers are increasingly more interested in customizable options that work best for them. Brands are now expected to shift and change to meet the varying needs of their customers, rather than the other way around. Being flexible and giving customers options centered around product, delivery schedule, payment, and communication allow the best brands to shift to a relational commerce model. 

Powerful & Profitable Playbooks

Powerful & Profitable Subscriptions Playbooks: Meet the experts

What do you get when you combine the contextual knowledge from our team here at Recharge with 12 of the industry’s best and brightest agency partners? 8 chapters of robust, actionable best-practices around key topics, like: 

Subscription boxes blog post

The benefits and risks of curated subscription boxes

Looking back just 10 years ago, the concept of subscription boxes or curated boxes was in its infancy. Brands originating the trend like Birchbox in 2010 scratched the surface of what would soon become a booming industry with products fitting every niche. From curated yarn, a personal favorite of mine, to entire wardrobes — subscription boxes have become the norm.

Competitive Pressures: DTC Handbook Blog Image

The DTC Handbook Series: Responding to Competitive Pressures

If you’re anything like me, you’re tired of hearing about the “unprecedented times” we had in 2020. Last year was the worst for many, but with everyone in their homes, unable to shop traditionally in brick & mortar stores, we saw an absolute rise of e-commerce. This has created the new playing field for merchants who are looking for ways to engage their shoppers in a highly competitive market. 

6 Ways To Optimize Your Site for Subscriptions

How to turn a subscription cancellation into a reactivation