Why implement subscriptions?

Adopting a subscription model provides consistent income, leveling seasonality and making revenue far more predictable.

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Drive customer loyalty through subscriptions

Repeat customers are 50% more likely to make another purchase than new customers.

Repeat purchases drive brand loyalty - a customer loyal to a brand becomes an advocate who will refer future customers month over month.

Increase lifetime value with each shipment

Repeat customers spend 33% more money compared to new customers.

The cornerstone metric in subscription ecommerce is LTV. Repeat purchases directly increase this metric, which helps predict expected revenue generated by future sales from your subscribers.

Integrate your tech stack

When adding subscriptions to an existing store or migrating from another platform, ReCharge seamlessly integrates with over 25 of the top apps on Shopify so your tech stack doesn't need to change.

Whether it's email, loyalty, or customer support, ReCharge's integrations allow your workflow to be automated.

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