Customer success

24/7 support when you need it most.

What to expect from our team

The ReCharge global support team works around the clock to provide you and your business with the highest level support.

24/7 Support

Our expanded 24/7 capacity allows us to support all your urgent and daily needs, day or night. We are your subscription experts. We know how to take care of your business and we're right here when you need us.

Emails are the best medium

Our philosophy is that email is best when it comes to the type of support an online subscription business needs. By including relevant links and screenshots, email allows you to communicate exactly what is wrong. This empowers our team to take the time to resolve your issue. Focus on growing your business, we’ll handle the issues.

Reach out to us via our support email contact form.

Let's help each other

We want to help. Sending your contact information and store details will save everyone time. Help us help you by including all of the information you can think of in your first message to us. For example:

  • If you are having issues with subscriptions, include the name and email of the customers affected.
  • If there is a front-end issue, send a screenshot and URL.
  • If this is a situational problem, include steps to replicate the issue.
First and foremost, we believe in doing what is right for our users. We will continue to work tirelessly to make sure that if your issue is due to ReCharge, it is resolved. If it is with another technology partner, we will work with you to point you in the right direction.


Visit our ever-growing knowledge base which will not only help with any issues you might experience in the future, but also help you maximize the ways in which you can leverage ReCharge to grow your business.