Being a Shopify Plus merchant gets you instant access to prioritized support.

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Why Shopify Plus and ReCharge?

ReCharge offers exclusive features for Shopify Plus members.

Get to the front of the line

Shopify Plus merchants receive priority support with the ReCharge Customer success team.

Customize subscriptions for your store

Develop with the ReCharge and Shopify APIs to customize the checkout experience and how your customers manage their subscriptions.

Early access to ReCharge Pro

Stores that process $100K in MRR or higher are eligible for ReCharge Pro.

Automate your marketing

With access to the ReCharge API you’ll now be able to optimize your daily activities by automating pricing updates, discount codes, and cancellation flows.

More perks?

Access to API to optimize the customer portal, analytics, gift subscriptions and more.
Advanced Discounts API and discounting engine to run custom promotions.
Wholesale channel to build or grow your B2B sales.
Early access to new features, such as new third-party integrations.
Increased API call limit means your orders go through quicker.
Compatible with best-of-breed Plus Apps such Klaviyo, Avalara and