Launch a product

Once you install Recharge, our onboarding wizard will walk you through everything you need to do to launch your first subscription product. You’ll have the opportunity to adjust your branding and create more complex subscription products after you launch.

Building your launch plan

Choose your first product to launch and your desired complexity. Migrating from another solution? Start your migration plan first.


Join Who Gives a Crap, Hubble, Keap Candles, and more in boosting customer LTV by making it easy for customers to come back for more.

Start simple: After you install, follow the in-app instructions to create a product and publish within just a few minutes.

Go big: If your store configuration is complex or you have a specific subscriber experience in mind, use our more comprehensive setup guide to adjust branding and subscriber tools before you launch. If you’re working with a developer, refer your team to our Developer Docs.

Onboarding webinars cover art in the Merchant HQ

Take the course

Access our self-guided Recharge Onboarding courses to explore everything you can do with Recharge and review how to set up your first products. Take a complete visual walkthrough of all your options in Recharge, or learn how to quick-start in just fifteen minutes.

Bokksu, Litjoy, Battlbox, and others offer curated subscription boxes to increase customer loyalty and retention with a delightful recurring surprise. 

Start with our recommended configuration for adding a product and publishing your subscription. Reference our onboarding checklist for more detail on each step.

Onboarding webinars cover art in the Merchant HQ

Onboarding webinar

Check out our on-demand onboarding webinar for a 35-minute visual walkthrough of the complete implementation process.

Available exclusively for merchants on Shopify, merchants like Brickhouse Nutrition use Bundles to create customizable “build-a-box” experiences for their customers that boost AOV. Bundles are included in Pro & Custom plans, and available on the standard plan as an add-on.

Design your bundle any way you want it. Narrow to a few preset options of fan favorites, or offer total freedom from an expansive catalog, even creating a multi-step bundle creation flow. Set fixed prices for your bundles or let them change responsively to customer selections within your pre-curated list.

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Take the course

Learn how to publish your first Bundle with our training course.

After your first launch, explore more advanced product types such as prepaid subscriptions, gift subscriptions, and more.


Incentivize repeat purchases and reduce customer churn with compelling incentives providing unique long-term benefits. Offer subscriber benefits, paid membership programs, cashback promotions, and much more with Recharge Loyalty.

After signing onto Loyalty, you’ll be paired with our experts to help build your launch plan.

Common questions when launching your first subscriptionExpand all

Does the setup process differ depending on the ecommerce platform of the store?

Some ecommerce platforms do require additional steps to launch a subscription product. The in-app setup wizard will always take you through every step you need to complete before launching. If you choose to exit the setup wizard, reference our help center to confirm your remaining steps to launch. ResourcesLaunch steps for Shopify storesLaunch steps for BigCommerce stores

Can I create more complex subscriptions later?

Additional subscription tools become available after you launch. For example, you can create cutoff windows to determine which shipments a new subscriber will receive, build workflows to automate free trials or sample sizes, bundle your products for volume discounts or subscriber flexibility, and create more unique discount models than the basic subscribe-and-save discount. ResourcesCreating a cutoff windowBuilding a workflowBundle your productsCreating a discount code

How do I customize my subscription product’s shipment frequency options?

When you create a subscription product, you can choose a subscription frequency based on days, weeks, or months. After you publish your subscription widget, you can return to your product details to add more advanced subscription rules. ResourcesCreating subscription rulesCreating a cutoff window

Can I customize how Recharge looks and feels for my customers?

Yes! You can use Recharge’s out-of-the-box tools to customize the appearance of your subscription widget and customer portal. Alternatively, if you’re working with a developer, you can make more advanced stylistic edits with Javascript SDK, or even build your own subscription widget and customer portal. ResourcesCustomize your subscription widgetUpdating the customer portalCreate your own subscription widgetBuild your own customer portalEdit subscriber notifications

How do I pick the best customer portal option for me?

The default customer portal theme is Affinity, a no-code mobile-friendly theme that has been shown to improve customer satisfaction and retention while reducing support tickets. Affinity also has the ability to help international brands localize. Even with all of these great benefits, you might consider choosing a different theme if you fit any of the following criteria: If your subscriptions are complex and customers make frequent and detailed edits, consider Prima.If you’re specifically managing challenges in customer retention and/or targeting increasing AOV, try out Novum, which more prominently surfaces cross-sells.If you have developer resources available to fully customize and brand your portal experience, check out the Theme Engine or explore creating a headless portal with Javascript SDK or the Recharge API. ResourcesCompare customer portal optionsSee how Jimmy Joy decreased churn with the Affinity portal

How can I test a subscription order?

You can test the customer portal experience by creating a test transaction. ResourcesCreating a test transactionAccessing the customer portal

My widget didn’t work! How do I fix it?

Widget issues can vary depending on your ecommerce platform. ResourcesTroubleshooting the widget

How do I add Bundles to my plan?

If you’re on Recharge’s Standard Plan (the default), you can add Bundles to your plan from your billing page. If you’re on a Pro or Custom plan, or your upgrade to a Pro or Custom plan, Bundles are included. ResourcesUnderstanding your Billing pageRecharge Pricing & Plans