LemonStand to Recharge

Migration Guide

Ensuring a smooth transition from LemonStand for you and your customers

Step 1

First things first

You’ll want to download the ReCharge app on your live Shopify storefront so new subscribers can sign up immediately. After your launch, contact LemonStand to export all subscriber data, including payment data, and copy it into the migration template located here.

Step 2

Get your migration scheduled

Your launch manager will assign a date for the migration to take place. Prior to that, your team will need to prepare the migration CSV file so we can bring your subscribers over. A dedicated migration specialist will help answer any questions about the migration spreadsheet/process and the whole process can usually be completed within 5 business days.

Step 3


After the import is complete, we’ll have you verify the data. Once the data has been verified, we’ll start processing orders using the date provided on the template. It is important to cancel the imported customers on your old platform before this date to prevent double charging. For a detailed description of the migration process, see our knowledge base here.

What payment processors does ReCharge accept?

ReCharge currently accepts Stripe, Braintree (PayPal), or Authorize.net. ReCharge processes PayPal charges through Braintree. If you have customers on PayPal, you’ll reach out to Braintree support and ask them to transfer the PayPal data into your Braintree account.

If you are currently using Stripe or Braintree, all you need to do is map the customer IDs to the correct customer in our migration template. If you are currently using Authorize.net, you’ll need to add two additional columns to the migration template using data exported from Authorize.net.

If you are using a different payment processor, the best course of action would be to contact that payment processor directly and ask if they can transfer data. If they are unable to transfer payment data, each customer will have to re-enter a credit card using a ReCharge supported payment processor.

For more information on the difference between payment processors, read more here.

Migration timeline

Common migration errors

Once the migration template has been filled out and the import is ready, we can schedule a time for the import. Here are some possible errors that we may encounter during the import process, all of which can be prevented by ensuring your data is valid. The following items will halt the import and cause errors.

Invalid email address:

Shopify validates email addresses, if it doesn’t exist they won’t be added.

Invalid/missing province or zip code in shipping address:

Shopify validates zip codes and provinces, if it is wrong they won’t be added.

Stripe/Braintree token doesn’t exist:

This happens when you import customers on a different Stripe/Braintree account than what is attached to ReCharge. Make sure the payment processor you’re using in ReCharge includes the imported customers.

Shopify Variant ID doesn’t exist:

This happens when you use the wrong variant ID or when you haven’t added the product to ReCharge. Make sure all products are imported and accurate.

The following items will not halt the import. Data can still be imported but fixes need to be manually made once the migration is complete:

Wrong quantity or recurring price:

The recurring price should not include quantity, taxes, or shipping. You may need to calculate the subscribe and save discount, if it applies.

Wrong charge date:

All charge dates should be in the future to prevent double billing by your old system.

Migration support hours

We will always aim to respond to your messages within 12 hours, if not sooner! Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 7am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. If your email is sent outside those hours, you’ll receive a response when our team gets back into the office. Our support hours are based on time zones in the United States, if you are inquiring from a different country, please be patient for our response.

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