What is text message marketing?

Text message marketing (also referred to as SMS marketing, mobile marketing, or text message marketing) is an ecommerce marketing method that involves delivering promotional messages to customers via text message (SMS, or short message service). Before businesses can contact their audiences via text messaging, customers must opt-in or subscribe to give their permission to receive promotional SMS messages. On the business side, SMS marketing campaigns allow for increased customer engagement and conversion rates, and are a powerful tool for increasing customer retention, freeing up customer service resources, and increasing retention and MRR. 

SMS marketing: best practices 

Businesses can utilize text message marketing software to monitor the effectiveness of their text marketing strategies, as well as customer purchase history and other customer data. This also allows marketers to track which text messages are most productive at generating engagement and/or conversions, and enables them to personalize their messaging and more effectively tailor product recommendations to their users. Businesses can grow their text messaging subscriber base by providing opt-in opportunities across a variety of channels, including social media, email newsletters, and their website.

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