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Dramatically increase subscription sales with ReCharge Workflows

Use free trials, sample products, and discounted first orders to convert shoppers into subscribers

Free trials are the easiest way to convert shoppers into new subscribers

With ReCharge Workflows, Shopify merchants and their agencies can quickly set up free trials and samples that get new customers hooked on their products and then automatically convert them into long-term paying subscribers

How it works

Workflows are like an If-This-Then-That engine for subscription products. It’s a simple concept that delivers powerful results.

Workflows & Offerings - Step 1

Step 1

Customer adds the trial product to their cart and completes their purchase. The initial order is fulfilled.

Workflows & Offerings - Step 2

Step 2

Workflows kick in, changing the trial product's subscription attributes like price and shipping cost.

Workflows & Offerings - Step 3

Step 3

The 2nd and subsequent orders will be fulfilled using the new subscription attributes.


Configure a trigger to initiate a new workflow

In this case, the workflow will trigger whenever a product title contains the phrase "Free Trial".


Choose the actions to occur after a workflow is triggered.

In this example, the product title, price, and SKU are all modified by the triggered workflow. You can also modify the product variant and the order trial charge interval.

Workflows in action

Workflows & Offerings - Linhart

Linhart uses ReCharge’s out-of-box trial workflow with the first order free – customers just pay $5 for shipping. Fourteen days later, the trial ends and the next order is charged ($16 with free shipping). The regular subscription frequency picks up after that.

Workflows & Offerings - Klova

Klova does something similar to Linhart, but with a 100% free trial in which the subscriber pays nothing at checkout. The workflow is triggered and queues the next order to occur 10 days later. It also sets the new recurring price to $27.89. Additionally, they update the title so that “Free Trial” is removed on the recurring orders.

Workflows & Offerings - Kettlefire

Kettle & Fire invites new shoppers to sample their products with a 2-pack free trial (all the customer pays is a $6.99 shipping fee). From there, after 30 days, the regular subscription automatically begins and the quantity of items increases, along with the price ($45 with free shipping).

Take a closer look

You can also learn more about setting up and troubleshooting ReCharge Workflow here.