Enhance the Customer Portal with the ReCharge Theme Engine

Enable customers to manage every aspect of their subscription through a completely customized UI

The ReCharge Customer Portal is ideal for empowering a Shopify merchant’s customers to manage their subscriptions.

The default portal inherits the styling of a merchant’s Shopify store with no extra work, but merchants can also customize its overall look and feel using our extensive styling options.

Now merchants with budget, access to a front-end developer, and a desire to provide customers with a more robust subscription management tool can build a fully-customized Customer Portal using the ReCharge Theme Engine.

How it works

By default, a merchant’s store comes with a pre-built theme.

The default Customer Portal theme includes pre-built pages for customers to review and manage their subscription products, add new or cancel existing subscriptions, as well as options to view order history, update their address and payment info, and change the delivery schedule.

Making changes to the default theme files is handled by the theme editor.

The theme editor displays the theme files and presents you with a code window and additional controls. The code window doesn’t replace a full-featured IDE, it’s an excellent proxy, especially for someone who’s familiar with the Shopify code editor.

Deploy changes to the Customer Portal in a controlled manner.

Merchants (or dev agencies working on their behalf) can even specify what percentage of their new and existing customers will see the customized portal before publishing any changes.

Theme Engine in action

The team at Asset Drop, creator of monthly boxes for miniature painters, recruited the help of a ReCharge agency partner to customize their subscription overview screen. It provides a nicely-branded, all-in-one summary page for customers to manage their own subscriptions.

LovePop, maker of beautiful 3D gift cards, also enlisted the help of a partner agency to brand and modify the subscription overview screen (aesthetically and functionally) to better suit their business and their customers.

LOLA sells organic feminine hygiene products on subscription. Their agency developed a robust edit subscription screen for customers, who now have the ability not only to update their shipping address and payment details, but also to modify their preferred delivery frequency and product SKU -- all on a single screen.

You can also learn more about setting up and troubleshooting ReCharge Workflows here.