Increase average order value by enabling One-Time Products

Customers can easily add one-time products to be included with their future subscription orders

Empower customers to manage their own subscriptions

Before One-Time Products, customers were only able to modify, add, or remove subscription products via the customer portal with no way to add a single, non-recurring product to their next order. If a customer wanted to add a non-subscription product, a 'One-Time Product', they would have to go through the store and checkout again. This created a second order with a second shipping charge in Shopify when in many cases, both should be shipped in the same package.

This new feature allows customers to add or remove those one-time products right from the customer portal. The customer will get charged for the one-time purchase and the subscription item at the same time, and both products will be shipped together.

How to enable One-Time Products

One-Time Products can be enabled or disabled through the Customer Portal settings in your ReCharge account.

Step 1

Set "Add products to subscription" to "Storeowner and customer"

Step 2

Set "One-time purchases" to "Enabled for everyone"

Step 3

Choose an option for "Products for one-time purchase"

Currently, ReCharge offers two options for "Products for one-time purchase":

All ReCharge Products:

Only displays Shopify products that belong to a ReCharge ruleset with the type of One-time and subscription.

All Shopify Products:

Displays all published products on Shopify, even those not included in a ReCharge ruleset.

Examples of merchants using One-Time Products

The team at Native, makers of chemically safe personal care products like deodorant and body soap, use One-Time Products to offer smaller sample sizes of their other products so you can try them before subscribing.

Four Sigmatic believes there's a mushroom superfood blend for everyone, that's why they offer tons of one-time products to add to your existing subscription.

Read the Four Sigmatic case study here

Zupa Noma, seller of superfood shots, knows that sometimes you don't get enough veggies. That's why they offer nearly every product in their store as a One-Time Product, so customers can test them before they buy.

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Note: One-Time Products is a Pro gated feature. To apply for Pro, submit the Pro form below. Learn more about this feature in the One-Time Products support article here.

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