The Customer Portal

The ReCharge customer portal allows your customers to fully manage all aspects of their subscriptions directly from your store

Subscription Management

Easily Change Subscriptions

We provide subscribers the ability to update subscription options, like frequency, quantity and delivery schedules.

Skip or Reschedule Deliveries

Prevent subscribers from cancelling by providing them the control to optionally set delivery options.

Cancel Subscription

Decrease customer service calls. You have the option to allow your customers to cancel on their own.

Account Management

Update Payment Method

Reduce churn by making it easy for your subscribers to update their credit card and billing details directly.

Update Shipping Destination

Your customers can update their shipping information directly.

Collect Customer’s Updated Payment Method

We handle the “dunning” of obtaining and updating customer’s updated credit card information.

Store Settings


Our multilingual integration allows consumers from around the world to effortlessly interact with the customer portal.

Customizable Styles

Our mobile-friendly customer portal is customizable for you, the admin. You can vary the way the the portal looks and feels by implementing your own HTML and CSS.

Customizable Features

Within the customer portal, you (the admin) are able to curate and customize which features are available to your customers.

Tools for Store Owners

Customizable Subscriptions

Renewal Calendar Schedule

Our calendar feature allows you to renew your subscribers on a particular day of the week or month.

Customizable Subscription Frequency

Full coverage for almost all subscription frequencies you could desire; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and more.

Gift Subscriptions

This feature provides your customers with the ability to send a subscription to someone as a gift.

Time Limited Subscriptions

Provide your customers with an option to set up a subscription for a limited time only.

Customizable User Experience

Tailoring customers workflow utilizing Javascript, developers can build out sophisticated user subscription experiences.

Entire Recurring Cart Option

Customers can simply select how often they would like their entire shopping cart order to recur. This means that all items in a cart can be made recurring, all at once.

eCommerce Platform Integration

Inventory Tracking

ReCharge’s Inventory Management Systems automatically integrates into your current platform’s eCommerce inventory system and seamlessly continue to track your store’s stock counts (per SKU).

Inventory Management

At any inventory level, our Smart Tools help provide you with various options to control the acceptance of new and recurring orders. Options include; allowing orders to be created whether or not stock is currently in inventory, creating orders based on current inventory levels, and the ability to automatically to stop selling products when inventory runs out.

Fully Integrated Checkout Experience

ReCharge’s checkout management system emulates your existing eCommerce’s checkout flow. The customer will never know the difference.

Shipping and Tax Integration

When an order is placed the appropriate tax and shipping charges are automatically applied. All shipping and tax fees are set as predetermined by your existing eCommerce platform and ensures up to date rates.

Order Integration

When an order is placed, the customer’s credit card or PayPal account is automatically charged and the order is generated into your existing eCommerce’s backend.

Customer Management

Customer Profiles

Learn about your customers and their shopping habits in our “smart profile” section. Their contact information, active subscriptions, order history and shipping details are available in one easily accessible location.

Login as Customer

ReCharge allows you to log-in, as any customer by clicking the “Get Customer Link” button. This feature provides you with the ability to modify their account for them.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can cancel customer subscriptions and refund an order with just a click. This allows you to easily attend to customer errors and support issues.

Customizable Email Templates

Customize your automatic “subscription related” store emails with the design and language that best fits your own store’s unique style and personality. Our template library contains almost any subscription related communication you should ever need.


In Depth Analytics

We offer intuitive reporting that helps you understand your clientele, while providing you with insight which will help you grow your business. This includes reports on LTV, churn, average number of charges per customer, forecasted revenue and more.

Google Analytics

We integrate with Google Analytics, so you can track each subscription and the way customers interact with your site, as well as in depth reporting regarding conversions and keywords.

Custom Analytics

Place custom Javascript on your checkout pages, ensuring that analytics are properly gathered and that third-party applications are seamlessly integrated.

Payment Processors

PayPal logo

PayPal prides themselves on trust and convenience. This is why we've made it as simple as possible for you to integrate ReCharge with PayPal; a processor your customers know and trust.

Stripe logo

Stripe's focus on simple but in-depth functionality is mirrored by ReCharge.

Braintree logo

Braintree aims to make the payment process as smooth and simple as possible.

Authorize.Net logo is one of the longest established processors. ReCharge offers a simple plug-in process 
to get started.