In 2017 two friends launched Lovevery, a company that fosters healthy development and education in babies through engaging toys. With a passion for helping babies grow from day one and backed by a team of doctors and experts in infant development, Lovevery offers baby play kits for every stage of development, including play gym equipment, with everything needed to stimulate healthy brain function in new babies.

Lovevery doubled sales after six months using subscriptions

Lovevery's goal is to help every parent feel confident. Their play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest purpose: To be exactly what children need at each stage. Taking a science-based approach, Lovevery products have won awards from Red Dot, Parents’ Choice, and NAPPA. They use organic cotton, sustainably harvested wood, and the best baby-safe materials to make thoughtfully crafted play products.

Just three months out from the holiday shopping season, Lovevery partnered with gunpowderlabs to design and develop their new e-commerce website. After settling into Shopify and initially selling a standalone SKU, Lovevery decided it was time to launch a subscription offering—which is how they ended up working with Recharge.

“Recharge allowed us to add subscription capability without having to start from scratch with our Shopify store. That was a huge time-saver for us.”

Lovevery Rod

Rod Morris

Co-Founder and President


When Lovevery was ready to introduce a subscription-based product into the mix, it didn’t come without challenges.

“Going from a single-product business to a subscription offering meant a ton of new complexity for us, from product development and supply chain to packaging and pricing and beyond,” said Rod Morris, Co-founder and President of Lovevery. “We're a startup, and managing this with our small and mighty team was not something we took lightly.”

The Lovevery team needed a tool that could help them manage the logistics of a new subscription-based product that would also work with its existing Shopify store, so they put their developers to work looking for the right solution. The developers ultimately recommended Recharge because it was both scalable and easy to integrate with the Shopify platform.

“Recharge was the app that made the most sense for us to onboard with given the integration with Shopify and our need for recurring billing in an established interface,” said Emily Tetz, Director of Marketing at Lovevery.

Lovevery doubled sales after six months using subscriptions


Gunpowderlabs helped Lovevery establish subscription capacity without having to start from scratch (or alter) their current Shopify store. This helped them get their subscription offering to market quickly, and has been a major facet of their explosive growth in recent months.

Their business model is a bit different from the traditional Recharge subscription models since their subscription service has nuances such as shipping dates being tied to birth date rather than a steady frequency between charges. Additionally, they offer paid upfront vs pay-as-you-go plans. Allowing their customers to pay for their subscription in advance guarantees consistent revenue and allows customers to enjoy their subscriptions without worrying about re-purchasing every month.

These two factors, combined with the fact that their subscription currently only lasts for one year, and therefore has to be auto-cancelled at the end of the term, created a unique set of circumstances for their developers. However, they were easily able to build code around Recharge’s flexible API in order to customize the solution for these unique needs.

After implementing Recharge, Lovevery has seen an increase of 4,000 subscribers in three months, has achieved a negative net churn rate, and now has a monthly attrition of less than 5% overall. By the end of the year, they’ll have grown by almost 2,000% percent total.

“The future of our business is subscription-based. We’re so pleased that the Recharge team has been proactive and helpful throughout our getting started process and is still helping us as we continue to grow.”

Lovevery Emily

Emily Tetz

Director of Marketing, Lovevery