LOLA, the first lifelong brand for reproductive health, set out to create products that are transparent and accessible for everyone. As their customer’s trusted reproductive health brand, LOLA offers essential products, educational resources, and meaningful support for every step of the way. Highlights include an initiative for donating period products to those in need, a blog where doctors and health experts answer customer’s health questions, and period support groups.


Founders Jordana Kier and Alex Friedman launched LOLA in 2014 with the foundational belief that people deserve transparency about what they’re putting in their body—and that they should have access to high quality, accessible options made with trusted ingredients. LOLA first came on the scene with their (now best-selling) tampons made with 100% organic cotton, and have since expanded to bring customers a host of products from personal lubricant, to cleansing wipes and probiotics.

LOLA allows customers to customize a monthly delivery tailored to their unique needs, and have it shipped just on time so they’re never caught without period products when they need them. Subscriptions were a highly successful business model, and as their customer base grew LOLA needed a more advanced solution.

“Cost is just one factor in consumers’ purchasing decisions today. Driving access is inherent in our brand DNA, and it is critical for us to stay true to our values when fostering community with our customers.”

Anna Sterans

Director, Digital Product


LOLA wanted to bring their guiding principles of customization and convenience to subscription offerings. Sometimes people need a break from period products for pregnancy or other health-related reasons. If a customer wanted to pause, reschedule, or cancel, they had to contact the customer service team for help. LOLA was looking to simplify subscription management by empowering customers to manage their accounts and their health.

LOLA customers appreciated the brand’s accessibility initiatives and were asking for ways to get involved. LOLA wanted to respond to this customer demand, and bring them further into their mission to make essential period products available to people everywhere.


Utilizing Recharge’s API, LOLA built out a calendar feature so customers can easily modify delivery schedules at their leisure. Instead of having to go through multiple steps to adjust orders, customers can now login to their portal and have control. Investing in customer happiness pays off big time in the long run. If customers are frustrated with the frequency of their deliveries, and it isn’t easy to make a change, they may cancel altogether rather than fumble through a clunky interface.

It may sound counterintuitive, but making it easy to cancel or adjust orders actually increases customer lifetime value. Implementing these simple and straightforward practices echoes the LOLA ethos—transparency in ingredients and orders alike to meet their customers’ needs. With subscriptions, brands build an ongoing relationship with customers, and customers stay loyal to brands that offer them flexibility and transparency. By implementing Recharge’s API, LOLA saw a 23% increase in LTV. In addition to changing delivery or charge dates, LOLA subscribers can also personalize boxes through the customer portal. Typical period products sold in stores are limited to one variety per box, but LOLA customers are able to select different products and absorbancies to fit their specific needs. Customers are also encouraged to explore other products in the portal, driving a 35% increase in AOV through new product discovery.

Finally, LOLA was able to incorporate their advocacy mission more seamlessly into their subscription service. To further their community support efforts and include customers in the vision, they added a built-in donation module at check-out. Customers can opt-in to donating a box of pads to LOLA’s nonprofit partner “I Support the Girls” or include a recurring monthly donation with their subscription. This seamless inclusion boasted an impressive engagement, with 15% of subscribers adding a donation box. Introducing this feature helped LOLA empower their community, establishing even stronger

relationships with their customers and partner organizations. With Recharge, LOLA upgraded their subscription flow to reflect core brand values of transparency, empowerment, and access.

“Recharge’s subscription capabilities allow our community to support each other and make an impact through monthly recurring donations to nonprofit organizations like our longtime partner, I Support The Girls.”

Anna Sterans

Director, Digital Product