Hubble is the first brand of contacts lenses sold directly to consumers via an ecommerce, subscription-only model. After extensive research into supply chains and entry into a tough regulatory environment, the company launched in November 2016. Today, it offers customers FDA-approved daily contact lenses for $30 per month that are directly delivered to customers' doorsteps under the Hubble branding.


Hubble knew they needed custom reporting and strong analytics. That's why Hubble used Recharge. Within the first three months of using Recharge, Hubble was able to gain more than 17,000 customers, process more than 600 orders daily and increase its run rate by $1 million on a monthly basis.

"I sent a slew of JavaScript API questions to the Recharge team, and they were able to quickly respond with answers. As a developer, it made me feel comfortable to move forward with their product."

Paul Rodgers



As a venture-backed company, strong analytics and optimized conversions became a paramount need for Hubble. Hubble Contacts' Chief Technology Officer, Paul Rodgers, was tasked with designing an efficient checkout experience and custom reporting. The founders wanted to eliminate the cart pages, altogether as well as create a one-page checkout for subscriptions.”


To accomplish the job, Paul utilized two APIs. According to Paul, "It's a complex setup — instead of using various product pages, we have a custom flow that creates a cart with JavaScript and utilizes a completely separate API to access a doctor's information we need to verify prescriptions."

Reporting was the next item Paul needed to tackle on his list. To get this handled, Paul took advantage of the Recharge API to produce a retention report daily that demonstrates how each cohort performs on a daily basis. Paul notes that "this helps us see how changes to the site, the shipping price, or anything else is affecting customer retention."

Additionally, Hubble has its own custom flow of notifications. The company uses the Recharge API to automate customer emails three days in advance of delivery of the initial set of contacts by triggering the Hubble email system. Moreover, Hubble has been able to monitor email campaigns and their impact on whether or not the frequency of emails hurts or helps retention.

By taking these steps and implementing Recharge in their daily operations, Hubble was able to realize an increase in daily orders and customer acquisition to become the fastest-growing contact lens brand in the country.

"Every day at 4 a.m., we have a job that downloads all the customer data from the Recharge API and then creates SQL scripts for us to plug into our reporting."

Paul Rodgers