Co-founded by Melissa and Matthew Parvis, Fresh Clean Tees was created to fill the market gap around well-constructed, comfortable tee shirts for men. Their special-made cotton/poly shirts are available as a one-time purchase or on a subscription basis, making it easy for male shoppers to always stay stocked up on fresh, clean tees.


Fresh Clean Tees offers a subscription option to club members, which allows them to set up recurring product orders for $44. Along with this offering, they also enable one-time purchases of their products for those who are not quite ready to commit to a long-term subscription.

We love all the apps that Recharge integrates with. It’s something we didn’t see on our former platform (but always wanted). The ability to tie into tools like Klayivo and Gorgias and see key metrics in those integrations is huge.

Matthew Parvis



When the Fresh Clean Tees team decided they were ready to expand their offerings and grow to a larger, more flexible platform, they realized that CrateJoy was no longer the best possible option for their business. Rather than a niche site with limited offerings, they needed something that could scale alongside their operation.

After asking around and doing their research, they decided on Shopify + Recharge for their ecommerce platform and subscription tool, based on agency recommendations and their own findings. The next step was to prepare a migration strategy and plan for the switch-over so that the transition was as seamless as possible.


With 3-4 months of planning around their migration from CrateJoy to Recharge in place, Fresh Clean Tees started on the process of making the move. Along the way, they faced some migration challenges but were able to resolve all issues with the help of an agency partner and the Recharge team.

One of the areas Recharge helped improve the transition period was by making suggestions around win-back campaigns that would encourage existing customers to opt back into subscriptions when needed. With automated notifications via Klaviyo for upcoming charges, subscription cancellations, and more, this saved hours of time around this process.

Today, Fresh Clean Tees has more than 3,600 active subscribers who are able to take advantage of the flexibility Recharge offers around their subscriptions and one-time purchases.

With Recharge, we’re able to forecast our product needs for upcoming months with far more accuracy, which allows us the ability to scale and grow with confidence.

Matthew Parvis