Darn Good Yarn strives to have a positive impact on the environment and on people around the world. Founded by Nicole Snow in 2008, Darn Good Yarn hires women in India and Nepal to take offcuts and discards from large clothing factories (which would normally go into landfills) and hand-make them into beautiful knitting yarn. The women get sustainable jobs that help them become more independent — and customers around the world get monthly packages of gorgeous, ethically-made yarn shipped to their door.


Darn Good Yarn provides beautiful yarn for knitting enthusiasts, while helping create quality jobs for women in Nepal and India. A large part of Darn Good Yarn’s sales have always come from subscriptions, but it was becoming difficult to scale while working with CrateJoy. Switching to Recharge has allowed Darn Good Yarn to grow from 350 subscribers to more than 4,500 — and make more of an impact around the world.

Recharge helps us make an even greater difference in the world by allowing us to focus on our mission instead of the logistics of subscriptions.

Nicole Snow

Founder & CEO


Founder & CEO of Darn Good Yarn, Nicole Snow, always knew the value of a subscription sales model. Before BirchBox was even a thing, she had created a “club” for knitting enthusiasts, keeping customers engaged with annual coupon codes and special pricing for recurring orders.

Nicole later launched her business on a competing subscription app, expecting an easy, out-of-the-box solution. She soon realized that it wasn’t so easy to create the experience she wanted for her customers — and delays in receiving support weren’t helping. On top of that, the fees seemed too high for Nicole, especially if she wanted to scale her subscriptions as her business grew. After deciding to switch to Recharge, she immediately noticed she was receiving a much better experience and the hands-on support she needed. With an attentive team that helped migrate her customers without any service interruption, Nicole became relieved that she could finally count on having everything run smoothly along with affordable pricing for her bottom line.


The team at Recharge didn’t disappoint, helping Darn Good Yarn quickly transfer over all their customers, taking special care to make sure all their plan details were preserved. Working with a developer, Darn Good Yarn was also able to create the exact look and feel they wanted for the subscriptions on their site — something that they couldn’t do with CrateJoy. Most importantly, throughout the process, Founder & CEO Nicole Snow felt like the team at Recharge really understood and supported her mission of making a difference in the world — doing everything they could to allow her to scale more easily and make more of an impact.

Darn Good Yarn has seen fantastic results since switching over to Recharge. Feeling confident investing in marketing efforts for subscriptions, Nicole grew the company’s subscription base from 350 to more than 4,500 customers in the first year. The best part? Exponential growth for her company has also meant exponential growth for the number of jobs she’s been able to create for women.

What I love about Recharge compared to CrateJoy, is that I can have anything I want. The things that make my company special, I can have.

Nicole Snow

Founder & CEO