As a registered dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition, Lisa was aware of women’s many nutritional needs, and the challenges to meet them. She had the idea for Bumpin Blends while she was pregnant, and struggling to find the time and energy to make her favorite smoothies. Knowing smoothies were a delicious way to nurture day-to-day symptoms, she set out to create an easy and efficient way for women to enjoy them.

Bumpin Blends grew their subscriber base with a customer portal

Starting in her garage, Lisa created superfood smoothie cubes-pre-blended, frozen cubes each portioned for a smoothie, so customers can just toss them in the blender and add a liquid. Each blend is made with key nutrients to support overall wellness, from skin health to sleep. When the demand for Bumpin Blends skyrocketed, Lisa got a warehouse to keep making smoothie cubes, and found tech partners to continue scaling her ecommerce business.

“I wanted to offer subscriptions because a huge part of our mission is making smoothies easy, making them a no-brainer. A subscription is part of making things convenient.”

Lisa Mastela

Founder and CEO, Bumpin Blends


From inception, Bumpin Blends offered subscriptions since they wanted smoothies to be a simple, convenient part of customer’s routines. To get personalized recommendations, new customers took an online quiz with questions about their personal health and wellness needs. However, customers could only save their results as a wish list to refer to later.

    And, once they had chosen their flavors for a subscription box-say Cinnamon Chai, Acai Berry, and Banana Nut-there was no way to edit them for the next delivery. With so many excellent smoothies to choose from, customers often wanted to switch up their orders, and get fresh, different flavors in their next box. To get new flavors, customers had to manually enter their choices in a form, and Bumpin Blends handled the edits on their end-it was laborious for both the subscriber and the business.

    Bumpin Blends grew their subscriber base with a customer portal


As their subscriber base grew, Bumpin Blends needed a platform that could scale with them. Recharge offered the right capabilities to simplify subscription management, and support exceptional customer service. With Recharge’s powerful set of API’s, Bumpin Blends built a flexible subscription offering. Based on how frequently they drink smoothies, customers can choose a box with 7-28 blends, and a bi-weekly or monthly delivery schedule.

    Additionally, Bumpin Blends partnered with SeaMonster Studios, a full-service digital agency, to upgrade their website and quiz. Previously, customers had to write down their results from the quiz. SeaMonster Studios rerouted the quiz so it leads customers directly to checkout after receiving suggestions. This reduced the steps between a customer getting results, and being able to make a purchase. They also added a loading pause between questions, an element that helps customers feel like the quiz is working to personalize their flavors.
      SeaMonster Studios also built a customer portal in Recharge so customers can manage their subscriptions. In the new portal, customers are able to build a box each month, instead of rebundling the same flavors. They can select new blends to sample, and also adjust delivery dates or cadences. Finally, Sea Monster Studios added customers' first name in the Klaviyo export, so Bumpin Blends could further personalize emails.


As a business focused on offering customers an easy solution, Bumpin Blends wanted to bring convenience to their subscription offering. While customers loved the product prior to the migration, they were even more delighted with the addition of the portal. Being able to manage their own subscriptions and add new flavors enhanced their overall experience.

    After initially migrating to Recharge Bumpin Blends saw a 163% increase in subscribers. A year later their subscriber base has grown 654%. And, their profit has grown as well. By creating a seamless buying experience, Bumpin Blends boosted revenue by 400%.

“We really pride ourselves on amazing customer service. Once we did the portal and upgraded, we got so many emails from customers saying they were thrilled with the change.”

Lisa Mastela

Founder and CEO, Bumpin Blends