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SweatyBox is a curated monthly fitness subscription box for men and women with the goal of making fitness more discoverable for all. Launched in 2015, their line of subscriptions encompasses health foods, fitness-friendly cosmetics, and athletic products.


SweatyBox is a fitness subscription focused on delivering top-tier fitness products to subscribers on a monthly basis. However, in 2015, business was slow--and they needed a new resource that would help them quickly scale their subscription business without having to hire extra help. They started looking for a new solution that would give them and their customers the flexibility they needed.

The support from ReCharge has been great--their team trained us on how to set everything up and was extremely helpful through the whole process.

Conrad Ross, CEO


In the early days, SweatyBox was struggling with low order volume around their subscription products and a time-consuming product launch process. So in 2015, they decided to look for a new subscription billing platform that would help give the brand a fresh approach to customer experience.

After evaluating other tools available through the Shopify App store, they decided on ReCharge based on reviews and the other brands already using it successfully and got to work switching to the platform.


After implementing ReCharge, SweatyBox was able to improve efficiency and lower costs thanks in part to reports within the platform that helped them build more accurate inventory forecasts. These efforts boosted their overall profits and helped them quickly reach the 10,000 order mark--all with a team of two.

Monthly subscriptions grew from four orders per month to 541 per month, an increase of 13,500%. Today, they use ReCharge to quickly integrate and launch new products--and it’s helped more than double their revenue overall.

ReCharge has been an asset to the expansion of our operation. It’s had a tremendous impact while remaining low-cost for our business. Thanks to ReCharge, we’re now able to launch and test new products at scale, which was something we were never able to do before.

Conrad Ross, CEO

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