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Siren Marine is an early-stage marine-technology company based in Newport, RI that is bringing the Internet of Things (IoT) to the marine industry with its innovative “Connected Boat” technology (think Nest + OnStar for boats). Siren Marine offers an MTC device that revolutionizes the boat ownership experience by providing boat owners with remote access to critical and timely information about their boats.


Siren Marine is a business built on subscriptions. In order to use the flagship MTC device on their boats, customers have to register for an Annual, Monthly, or Seasonal service plan. The team at Siren Marine wanted to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy service plans through their app, as well as through the website. Thanks to ReCharge, ShopElf, a Shopify Consulting Company, was able to implement a flexible, adaptable, and robust subscription service.

ReCharge is hands-down one of the best apps for Shopify, and we knew that well before we used the amazing ReCharge API to create a custom solution for Siren Marine.

Brian Anderson, Lead Developer at ShopElf, Ecommerce Consultant for Siren Marine


Although Siren Marine sells a physical device, customers need to subscribe for service plans in order to use it. This is much like how you can buy a smartphone, but still need a cellular plan. Siren Marine wanted to make it easy for customers to subscribe to these plans via their Shopify website, but also via their app, as the MTC device is also available for purchase in boating stores.

Before turning to ReCharge, the company used PIN for subscription management, which had its limitations. To support the launch of their new boat monitoring system earlier this year, we developed an entirely new Shopify website and an ecosystem to support online sales fulfillment, subscription management, and email marketing, as well as integration with NetSuite.

Siren Marine hired ShopElf to help implement a new solution that leveraged the power of ReCharge to provide the best possible subscription option for the Siren Marine team, as well as their customers. “You couldn’t really run Shopify and run Siren Marine as a business without the ReCharge API" said Brian Anderson, Lead Developer at ShopElf, who helped Siren Marine with the ReCharge implementation.


Thanks to ReCharge, Siren Marine was able to set up a subscription system that powers the business. Rather than force customers to call into a call center to activate their device, the system allows customers to instantly sign up for a subscription through the mobile app.

Additionally, Siren Marine uses ReCharge’s Line Item Properties to tie individual devices to specific subscriptions. “The Line Item Properties feature really opened the door for us– it made it possible to link an individual’s device to their subscription,” said Brian.

Using the ReCharge API we were able to build out exactly what Sirene Marine needed to power their apps and get users through a somewhat complex activation process.

Brian Anderson, Lead Developer at ShopElf, Ecommerce Consultant for Siren Marine

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