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Growth in revenue in 3 months since ReCharge launch


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HackerBoxes started out in late 2015 when Joseph Long and his wife decided to create a monthly subscription box of fun projects that would offer the maker community a new way to learn, find new challenges, have fun and work together. Nineteen months since their first shipment, HackerBoxes has a sizeable following of electronics hobbyists, makers, hackers and computer enthusiasts — the “dreamers of dreams” as HackerBoxes likes to call them.


HackerBoxes is a quickly-growing company offering a monthly subscription box of electronics projects. Originally, HackerBoxes was working with CrateJoy, but the founders quickly realized this wasn’t the right platform for them, and they switched to ReCharge. They were able to easily move over a large number of subscribers (with all their subscription complexities) over to ReCharge — and dramatically increase their subscriber rate and revenue.

If you are starting a recurring business model, ReCharge is a no-brainer. If you are migrating like we did, ReCharge will help you make it happen.

Joseph Long, Founder and Owner, HackerBoxes


Joseph Long, founder of HackerBoxes, found Cratejoy frustrating as a subscription solution because of its focus on building out its own marketplace, where it forever owns any customers that come through it. This, combined with Joseph’s dissatisfaction with CrateJoy’s customer support, made him realize he needed to find a different solution.

After doing some initial research and talking to other box company owners, he chose to move to Shopify — and use ReCharge as his subscription platform. He was excited about how much Shopify would be able to simplify and organize his back end processes, as well as how well ReCharge seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s dashboard. Knowing his business had numerous complexities such as international addresses, gift cards, non-Stripe customers and one-time store items, Joe didn’t expect this to be an easy migration, but he was pleasantly surprised


The team at ReCharge was always just one email or phone call away — helping Joseph quickly figure out any issue he was having. Joseph was also happy to find out how flexible the ReCharge platform is in comparison to CrateJoy, allowing him to control translations, customer customization options, and much more.

The first advertising campaign HackerBoxes ran after the migration to ReCharge led to the highest subscriber date in the company’s history.

HackerBoxes plans to keep growing with ReCharge, aiming to double their subscribers by the end of the year. And having seen how easy ReCharge makes subscriptions, they are now considering launching another subscription box targeted at a larger audience.

We did not expect the migration to be an easy feat, but the team at ReCharge made it relatively painless and was very patient with all of our questions.

Joseph Long, Founder and Owner, HackerBoxes

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