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Four Sigmatic is a Finland-based company that takes the centuries-old tradition of brewing mushroom tea to the next level. Their line of mushroom-based products qualify as ‘four sigma’ superfoods (of which there are only 50 in the world), and include coffee, elixirs, superfood blends, and beauty products.


Four Sigmatic was founded with the goal of helping people eat more of the world’s most scientifically studied superfoods by making them taste better and easier to access. To accomplish that, they first worked to popularize superfoods in a drinkable form, later moving on to incorporate them into various different products across multiple product verticals.

We’ve seen a decrease in customer churn each month since we shifted our focus to improved functionality and UI within the customer portal. Additionally, offering one time products has increased our average order value… It’s incredible.

Kaitlin Holliday, Retention + Data Specialist at Four Sigmatic


The mandate at Four Sigmatic was simple: Focus on the customer experience until every customer feels they’ve had the red carpet rolled out for them. The trouble was that the brand’s existing customer portal didn’t create the stellar user experience they were striving for, and as a result, customers weren’t always compelled to maintain their subscriptions and stick around for the long haul.

"We on the digital marketing team are in contact with our customer service team on a daily basis, and one of the common notes we were getting from customers was that they didn’t know how to navigate their accounts with us," said Kaitlin Holliday, a retention and data specialist at Four Sigmatic. While the team at Four Sigmatic had built a portal that was visually striking, it didn’t seem to click with customers and was creating trouble for the customer service team. “Because we use a subscription model and allow for adding one time products through the customer portal, simplifying the customer experience was huge for us. We wanted to ensure customer retention became just as important as customer acquisition,” she explained.

The team at Four Sigmatic needed a way to add convenience and functionality for customers that would also work with their subscription model. Simplifying the portal and adding new options around purchasing one time products as part of the subscription became their mission, and they got to work solving this unique challenge.


To tackle the issues around their existing customer portal, Four Sigmatic initiated an internal relaunch strategy in which the company shifted to focus on membership at all points in the customer journey. This shift in strategy manifested dramatic UI improvements to Four Sigmatic’s portal, which became a highly useful resource for customers who craved customization.

New features within the portal included things like: Creating an “Add” button in the default account view that allowed customers to add a one time product to their subscription. A bright red “Ship tomorrow” button that lets members move up their delivery date if they’re craving their subscription early. A “Skip a shipment” feature, which helped retain customers who wanted to delay or pause an existing subscription.

“All the added flexibility within the new portal actually empowers customers to continue with their memberships rather than canceling, which we realize might sound counterintuitive," said Holliday. "The thing is: When customers have more control over their orders, it actually helps reduce churn. Rather than just opting out of a membership or subscription completely, they can instead just pause or change the frequency of their orders."

Four Sigmatic continues to learn what its customers like most about the new portal, tweaking their customer experience for optimal results. According to the team, the results have been both immediate and consistent. Churn has decreased each month since the relaunch, ‘currently less than 6.5%.

We're now moving to a place where we're pushing membership at all points in the customer journey. This is working well for us. In fact, today, our active membership and revenue from Members have both grown each month since launch.

Kaitlin Holliday, Retention + Data Specialist at Four Sigmatic

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