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Launched by Bryan DeLuca, Tom Browning, and Matt McClard in 2012, Foot Cardigan is a wacky sock subscription service for men, women and children around the world that makes their feet a whole lot more awesome. For just $12 a month, customers can get a pair of “fabulously bizarre socks” shipped to their door every month. These unique designs are always a fun surprise, as well as an instant conversation starter. And since 2014, Foot Cardigan has also offered an a la carte store of limited-run sock options.


Foot Cardigan has built an incredibly successful company out of a simple idea: a monthly subscription of wacky socks. However, as the company grew, it also found itself devoting increasingly more internal time and resources to subscription platform development. After transferring their subscribers to Shopify and ReCharge, they’ve not only been able to focus on what they love and do best, but also get a number of new tools to help them grow.

ReCharge is a very well-thought-out platform that expertly handles all the difficulties of subscriptions — allowing us to concentrate on what we’re good at instead.

Matt McClard, CTO, Foot Cardigan


Every year since its inception in 2012, Foot Cardigan has been doubling or tripling in size — and sales skyrocketed to $2.5 million in 2015 after their appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. But while sales kept growing, the back end systems weren’t keeping up.

Foot Cardigan originally started out on a shopping cart platform called FoxyCart, but since it was created specifically for developers, it required a lot of time and effort from Matt McClard — Foot Cardigan’s CTO and chief developer. This just wasn’t sustainable in the long term, so Matt looked into a variety of alternative options — and even started to develop a shopping cart from the ground up using a JavaScript back-end platform called Meteor. Ultimately, however, he was disappointed by its inability to cater to physical product companies and effectively connect to operations and fulfillment systems.

That’s when Matt and the Foot Cardigan team took a step back and re-evaluated whether it was worth spending so much time and effort on development, instead of focusing on what they loved to do. The answer was a resounding no, which is why Foot Cardigan turned to Shopify Plus and ReCharge.

Although Matt had initially looked into two different subscription platforms on Shopify, he kept hearing positive things about ReCharge — and was ultimately convinced by his conversations with Chathri Ali, Director of Growth & Marketing at ReCharge. He could tell the team at ReCharge would be enjoyable to work with, really knew what it was doing, and truly cared about the success of his company.


The transition of Foot Cardigan’s 8,000 active subscribers was seamless. Matt was able to preserve the company’s varying payment periods and gift subscriptions, customers never lost service, and the ReCharge team was there to help every step of the way. Now that the migration is complete, Matt and the Foot Cardigan team can breathe a sigh of relief and finally concentrate on growing the business even further.

For Foot Cardigan, being able to work with a company that only focuses on subscriptions has offered peace of mind, because they can trust ReCharge to truly take care of one of the most important parts of their business. On top of that, Foot Cardigan has seen significant improvements to what they can now do — including the ability to easily make changes to subscription details, as well as get much better insights into performance metrics.

Next, Matt and his team are excited to explore all the possible integrations ReCharge offers and how those can help extend lifetime customer value through reporting, loyalty programs, email marketing, and more.

The reporting capabilities with ReCharge are far better than what we had before, giving us much greater insight into customer activities, potential issues, and ways to grow lifetime value.

Matt McClard, CTO, Foot Cardigan

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