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in revenue after launching the filter 3-pack as a new subscription item


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Clearly Filtered’s mission is to provide clean, safe drinking water to people all over the world. They believe that clean water is a basic human right and they intend on doing everything that they can to make sure that people don’t go thirsty. The company sell pitchers, filters and water bottles and launched subscription products over five years ago. Their corporate team of six people is located in Orange County, California.


On their mission to provide clean, safe drinking water, Clearly Filtered realized they needed a more robust app to meet the needs of a growing product line. After switching to ReCharge, subscriptions grew to represent over 70% of their business. With ReCharge’s options, they were also able to launch a 3-pack filter subscription, resulting in $100k of new revenue.

We are able to cut down on the amount of time my team services smaller requests so they could focus on more complex customer questions.

Ryan Fair, Head of Digital Marketing


According to their head of digital marketing, Ryan Fair, the typical customer is someone who is looking for an easy and sustainable approach to ensure they have clean water. “For us it’s someone who is well-versed in the health aspects of water filtration and someone who wants to save money and receive products in a timely fashion to not only ensure them clean water but also remind them to change the filter.”

Though they originally started on WordPress over five years ago, using Authorize.net for payments and Premium Webcart for recurring billing, Ryan knew he needed a more robust app to meet the needs of his growing product line. He spent two months researching different platforms and concluded the company should migrate off of WordPress to Shopify.

Ryan then started to compare recurring billing apps, which quickly ended after talking to the ReCharge team about his vision of the ideal customer experience. He knew ReCharge was the app to leverage because of one main reason - the ability to customize. “You don’t see a lot of apps online that offer as much customization as ReCharge.”


Clearly Filtered’s customers are now able to manage their own subscriptions through ReCharge’s customer portal. Options include the ability to pause their subscription, change billing details, as well as change an upcoming order date. “Customers being able to manage their own accounts is huge for our customer success team. We are able to cut down on the amount of time my team services smaller requests so they could focus on more complex questions.”

Additionally, Ryan and his team rely heavily on the reporting ReCharge provides. “The feature we use the most is the 30-60-90 day projected revenue stats to forecast how many orders are going to come through the door. We then flip those numbers to my operations team. Without these tools I wouldn’t be able to make those types of inventory decisions.”

Clearly Filtered has gone all-in with the ReCharge app and it’s paying off. Excited about the ability to quickly add subscription products and test them, Clearly Filtered launched a new 3-pack filter subscription earlier this year. The launch resulted in over $100K in revenue in the first 90 days.

For Ryan, the biggest benefit was ReCharge’s customer success team. “I’ve had the hardest questions in the world and they’ve done the absolute best to help - even when I stumped them.”

Without ReCharge’s reporting tools I wouldn’t be able to make forecasting and inventory decisions.

Ryan Fair, Head of Digital Marketing

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