From The Farmer co-founders, Jason and Nick, attended the University of Denver where they were bonded by their love of local foods and cooking. Out of an ambition to not work in the corporate world, they decided to create a company emphasising their shared passion - food - and how it brings people together. They knew that there were other big-box companies delivering brand-name groceries, but saw an opportunity to focus on just a few local purveyors who grew and created exceptional produce and provisions. In 2010, From The Farmer was born. Their main product is FarmBox, a delivery of seasonal fruits and vegetables from regional farm partners.

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From the Farmer’s main product is Farmbox, a delivery of seasonal fruits and vegetables from regional partners. In order to grow average cart value, From the Farmer knew that they needed a recurring billing app that included the option to create a mixed cart of goods at checkout and turned to ReCharge. In the first 90 days of launching ReCharge’s mixed cart functionality, 25% of From the Farmer customers used the option, the average cart value grew by 10%, and over $50K of development cost was saved.

saved from switching from custom development to ReCharge app
Average cart value increase in first 90 days
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“After installing ReCharge, we were able to immediately see a cost savings of $50K per year of development costs”

Jason Lundberg


From the Farmer co-founder, Jason Lundberg, realized early on that Farmbox customers usually fall into one of two segments: young professionals and small families. “As it turns out,” Jason noted, “both segments are passionate about knowing the origin of their food and having the ability to customize their FarmBox deliveries.”

As the company started to take off in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore, Jason decided to give his customers a bit more functionality, which would also give From the Farmer a bit more revenue.

“We wanted to grow average cart value and the easiest way to do that was to add the option to create a mixed cart of goods at checkout.” With a mixed cart option, customers would then be able to purchase a regular Farmbox plus add-ons like gluten-free bread or a dozen eggs. Most importantly for Jason, that meant happy customers.

“We migrated 4,000 subscribers and had to ensure we were maintaining the same customer experience.”

Jason Lundberg


From the Farmer moved off their custom Ruby on Rails site in 2016 and moved forward with creating a Shopify store. Jason decided to install ReCharge once he discovered it was the only recurring billing app in the Shopify App Store which offered mixed cart functionality.

Once the installation was complete, From the Farmer immediately saw a reduction in costs. “Previously, we had a large expense allocated towards building and maintaining our site. After switching to Shopify and installing ReCharge, we were able to see a cost savings of approximately $50K per year of development costs.”

As expected, average cart values started to rise. To date, about 25% of Farmbox customers have taken advantage of the mixed cart option to add items like classic Bloody Mary mix and hazelnut spread to their weekly delivery. From the Farmer’s business was able to grow and has helped 50 East Coast farmers expand their own operations.

From the Farmer looks forward to the future with ReCharge and plans to continue to leverage its technology to take their subscription business to the next level.

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