Pure Canna Box curates monthly subscription boxes with clean, eco-conscious CBD products, lab tested for potency and purity. Founded by Claire Berkley after discovering the healing power of cannabidiol (CBD) to treat nerve damage, chronic pain, and sleep deprivation, Pure Canna Box takes the guesswork out of CBD product purchasing.

Pure Canna Box increased revenue by 2,000% using personalization

“People choose our subscription for discovery, transparency, and convenience.”

Claire Berkley

Founder & CEO, Pure Canna Box


Pure Canna was looking to build an optimized online business. They needed a flexible, feature-rich SaaS ecommerce platform that could scale with them. And since research tells us CBD products are most effective when used consistently, Pure Canna Box was designed as a subscriptions-first offering straight from launch. To do this, they also needed a recurring billing platform that would allow for customization without requiring extra professional service to create a seamless buying experience for customers.

    Pure Canna Box also focuses on personalization and education—many people are unfamiliar with the benefits and background of CBD, and are unsure of where to start. Pure Canna Box dedicated their resources towards creating a way for customers to share details about their relationship with CBD; i.e. preferred methods for consumption, existing knowledge, and health needs—in order to discover their perfect product bundle.

    Pure Canna Box increased revenue by 2,000% using personalization


Pure Canna launched on BigCommerce, a powerful, agile ecommerce platform. With BigCommerce, Pure Canna created a fast, innovative commerce experience for their customers.

    And to quickly roll out subscriptions, and grant customers maximum flexibility, Pure Canna Box implemented Recharge as their recurring payments platform. As a brand that values personalization and accessibility, Pure Canna Box chose to offer three subscription options. With Recharge APIs, customers choose to either pay monthly for their box, pay in advance for three months, or purchase a starter kit. Paying up front saves customers money on each box, and they have a guaranteed delivery without having to go in and place another order. For customers who aren’t ready to commit yet, monthly payments give them flexibility and freedom. And, for brand new customers, the starter kit lets them explore products and decide what works best for them.
      Additionally, Pure Canna Box created an online quiz to personalize subscription boxes. In the quiz, customers walk through a series of questions about their frequency of use, preferences for consumption, and health needs. The quiz engages potential customers, while helping Pure Canna Box suggest the most relevant products. Since personalization is a significant part of the Pure Canna Box brand ethos, they wanted to tailor email marketing as well. With the Klaviyo integration, Pure Canna Box used subscription data to send targeted emails to customers. They reached their audience with automated post-purchase engagement campaigns, encouraging customers to continue interacting with their subscription, and shopping with Pure Canna Box.

Discover how Recharge quickly enables subscriptions Discover how Recharge quickly enables subscriptions


With Recharge, Pure Canna Box rolled out subscriptions and started scaling their business. By offering their customers different options through Recharge, Pure Canna Box lowered the barrier for entry, and helped more people experience CBD. And, by increasing the number of customers coming into their business, they increased revenue.

    Additionally, Pure Canna Box used the Klaviyo integration to give personalized product recommendations and email communication. “By using the Recharge integration with Klaviyo, we're about to use Recharge's subscription data to send more targeted email campaigns to our customers,” Pure Canna Box shared. Through the targeted emails, more customers continued to connect with the brand, driving overall lifetime value. And by suggesting relevant products to customers, Pure Canna Box increased conversion rates. Customers were more likely to purchase products specific for them that addressed their needs. By streamlining subscriptions with Recharge, and personalizing communication with Klaviyo, Pure Canna Box delivered an intuitive, engaging, and enjoyable subscription experience.

“We figure out their preferences through the quiz, and then have a backend box builder that helps us determine where the customer will fit with the products we have.”

Claire Berkley

Founder & CEO, Pure Canna Box