electrIQ marketing is a full-service agency that helps ecommerce companies scale and grow their business. They’ve worked with major brands like Safely, Florence by Mills, and Health-ade to implement lifecycle strategies and deliver revenue-backed results. As a leading Recharge agency partner, they are constantly adopting new product feature rollouts and implementing beta features to support brands looking to take the next step in their success.

Amora Coffee increased AOV & LTV through quick actions

Amora Coffee’s quick actions flow in Klaviyo. Each email is crafted to offer cross-sells and upsells based on where the customer is in their subscription flow.

Founded in 2011, Amora Coffee was created to bring the delight of authentically roasted coffee to all Americans. Their coffee is made by fifth-generation master roasters, using the finest beans and a 9-stage process. Amora cuts out distribution centers and hand packs their beans in foil to protect flavor and aroma, so coffee arrives at their customer's doorstep as fresh as possible.

As a pioneer in the industry, Amora Coffee also supports projects that bring clean water and sanitation to the community in Ethiopia that grows their beans.

“When it comes to customer retention and satisfaction, ease of use and meeting our customers on their terms are two of the most important aspects of a robust subscription program.”

Jim Fosina

Jim Fosina

CEO, Amora Coffee


electrIQ built out all elements of Amora’s Shopify Plus store—they designed an intuitive checkout flow, optimized the user interface, and architectured a loyalty program. Having produced a best-in-class customer experience, electrIQ wanted to focus on engagement that would lead to subscriber acquisition and retention. When customers engage they are more likely to continue doing business with a brand. Their buy-in leads to long-term growth, increasing higher average order value (AOV) and lifetime value (LTV). With many people using their phones to shop and manage subscriptions, SMS functionality meets customers’ needs for convenience and ease. This new tech also allows brands to create richer connections with customers, through tailored notifications and messages written in brand voice. electrIQ needed to establish an engaging, accessible customer journey to boost AOV and LTV.


electrIQ concentrated on developing an effective email and SMS customer journey using quick actions. With Recharge quick actions, customers are sent standard URLs so they can simply perform a step, like reactivating a subscription or adding a one-time product. Making it swift and simple to take these actions removes friction for customers, and encourages their engagement. Since Amora and electrIQ were interested in increasing AOV, they focused on flows that built subscription upsells.

Discover how Recharge increases LTV Discover how Recharge increases LTV


In tandem with Klaviyo emails, electrIQ created a flow with eight different text upsell options. These upsells were based on subscriber actions taken in the customer portal—for example, if a customer had not tried a certain product, a flow suggested they add it to their next order. Customers responded extremely positively to the upsell suggestions, with 13% opting in to upgrade their orders. Through customers adding products via quick actions, average order value increased 2X. Customer lifetime value grew as well—average LTV was 4X higher for the customers that took advantage of a one-time product upsell. By making subscription management seamless for customers, electrIQ helped Amora Coffee drive order value and improve customer experience. Over 13% of upcoming subscription upsells convert and add a one-time product to their upcoming order. Additionally, average Customer Lifetime Value is 4x higher for customers that take advantage of a one-time product upsell and the average order value is 2x higher.

“With Recharge’s best-in-class Klaviyo integration and quick actions functionality, we developed an upcoming subscription order flow with a cascading series of one-click upsells that are timely and relevant for Amora’s subscribers.”

Brandon Amoroso

Brandon Amoroso

CEO, electrIQ marketing