What to expect at RecurLA

Looking for an event that features actionable advice to grow your business? Somewhere to network with people who have done it before, who can give you real steps to take to scale? You’re in the right place.
On October 17-18, RecurLA is bringing together top recurring revenue experts and fast-growing subscription brands for two days of collaboration, sharing, and deep learning. Presented by Recharge, this Santa Monica-based event features sessions with retail giants like Soylent, BattlBox, and Kopari in addition to agency veterans like BV Accel and MuteSix – and packs months worth of valuable networking opportunities and education into two days.
Sound interesting?
Let’s get into the specifics around what you can learn and expect at this exclusive event and explore a few of the different sessions RecurLA has to offer.

Day one: Agency focus

RecurLA kicks off day one with an agency focus and discussions around what agencies can do to better their relationships with their ecommerce clients, specifically when it comes to the introduction and maintenance of subscription-based products.
Sessions include key insights (especially for agencies offering consulting) into long-term growth and sustainability for ecommerce businesses, important Recharge features for subscription-based products, and integrations that simplify and help automate ecommerce business. Attendees will learn how to provide even more value to clients with in-depth knowledge about what’s working for some of the largest subscription brands on Shopify.
Training sessions include:

  • Getting the Most Out of the Recharge API: Learn about the Recharge API and how you can help merchants customize their subscription options, workflows, and the customer portal as an expert-level developer partner.
  • Scoutside: Subscription Success Stories: Hear from Scoutside, a seasoned agency that has helped numerous brands build and launch successful subscription programs. Learn from their experiences and see how they leverage Recharge in unique ways to produce meaningful results for their clients.
  • Email Success Stories with Klaviyo: Find out how you can leverage email marketing integration Klaviyo to help clients drive sales, reduce cart abandonment, and send personalized emails that foster long-lasting relationships.
  • Product Funnels with CartHook: Learn how to build conversion-driving product funnels with the CartHook team that can produce impressive results for subscription merchants.

But that’s not all. There’s also a mix of hands-on workshops and use studies you can learn from during the day, such as:

  • BVAccel: Dive into the details of a case study featuring ecommerce retailer Freshly Picked and get a breakdown of how BVAccel helped them as an agency partner.
  • Recharge: A hands-on troubleshooting workshop with the Recharge team that walks through common questions around custom development.
  • Wolfpoint: Looking for new tools that offer gifting abilities for the holidays? Learn how Wolfpoint built a gifting tool showcase, the problem it solves, and the results it’s already producing.

At the end of the day, Recharge’s CEO Oisin O’Connor will wrap things up with an AMA session and a peek inside the Recharge product roadmap for 2019.
After, we’ll be hosting attendees for a classic California evening – rooftop drinks in Venice! Once we arrive, enjoy an open bar and light refreshments with some of the industry’s best and brightest minds.

Day two: Merchant focus

On day two of RecurLA, all talks and discussions will be focused on Recharge merchants and how they can grow. Sessions will include insights from successful subscription companies on scaling up, reducing churn, and building sustainable operations through subscription-based offerings.
The morning sessions will focus on acquisition, while the afternoon sessions will focus on retention and growth. Here’s an overview of at what you can expect throughout the day:

  • Panel Discussion: Managing Hypergrowth From Zero to Multi-million MPH

In growth mode? These industry experts have been through it themselves and will share their war stories, successes, and ultimate triumphs. Learn from those who have been there (and made it to the other side).

  • Fireside Chat with Pledgeling

This session focuses on the idea of purpose-driven businesses, as those that are foundationally built on a core mission are proven to perform better than those that don’t. James Citron, CEO of Pledgeling says, “Doing good should never be a chore. Go ahead and leave all the boring stuff to us so you can focus on growing your business.”

  • Panel Discussion: Maximizing Traffic for the Ultimate Conversion

You built it, they came, and now you need to rebuild it–again and again. See how some of the best minds have maximized their A/B testing for ultimate results and how brands like Battlbox are mastering reinvention through testing.

  • Panel Discussion: Working with Influencers the RIGHT Way

Working with influencers can sometimes be a delicate balance, from making sure your brand is represented well to ensuring maximum value. Find out how experts from Refersion, VNYL, and Dry Farm Wines have found success by partnering with influencers as well as some of the pitfalls to avoid.
Lunch and Roundtable Discussion
At lunch, there will be different tables with a moderator/leader at each one. Choose your table and connect on a deeper level around specific topics such as team culture, leadership, innovation, Facebook ads, and lifetime value.
Afternoon Sessions
After lunch, we’ll move into the second half of the day with a shift in focus toward retention and growth.

  • Keynote: Subscriptions and Customer Loyalty in an Omnichannel World

Hear from Soylent’s former CTO on the topic of customer loyalty, and about how it’s more nebulous when traditional e-commerce companies move to “offline” sales channels such as retail. In this talk, we’ll use a specific case study to examine some of the issues that “click-to-brick” companies encounter when they attempt to transition to an omnichannel environment.

  • Panel Discussion: Listening to Your Customers to Maximize LTV

From A/B testing to data analysis, listening to your customers and watching trends in your customers purchasing habits can have a huge impact on your business and ultimately your bottom line. Hear from brand experts at SUBTA, Coastal Co., and Kopari about how they’ve learned to maximize LTV.

  • Solo talk: Building the Ultimate Retention Engine

Can better retention really lead to better acquisition and monetization? The answer is yes, and Wilson Hung of Kettle and Fire is going to show you how he and his team built the ultimate retention engine.
And, finally, we’ll have over ten Rechargers available for Office Hours so we can answer your questions and hear feedback about the platform.

Learn from the Best in Subscription Retail

The only thing left to do is to sign up for RecurLA and book your ticket to Santa Monica. Come learn from the best in subscription retail during two days of valuable insights and networking opportunities–and leave feeling recharged and ready to tackle the next wave of subscription commerce innovation. See you in Santa Monica!