The big power of Littledata: Market smarter with Recharge’s new web analytics integration

There’s one thing that tends to keep most marketers awake at night: attribution. You spend an immense amount of time and effort getting to know your audience and crafting the perfect marketing campaigns — but then you struggle to figure out what’s really working. Where are your best subscription customers coming from? What’s actually driving sales? What’s the real ROI of your marketing efforts?
Sure, there are plenty of analytics platforms out there, but it can be hard to extract the exact data you need. And while Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms in existence, its analytics capabilities are very limited. That’s where the new Littledata integration comes in.
Littledata has built a simple, streamlined platform for attribution tracking and reporting that anyone can use. You don’t have to be a Google Analytics expert; you just need a Google Analytics account. And Littledata integrates directly with Shopify and Recharge — giving you everything you need to make smarter marketing decisions about your online store.
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Get real-time reports and attribution clarity

Littledata provides you with an intuitive dashboard that gives you a clear picture of your online business performance. For example, you can see exactly which marketing channels are driving the most subscriptions — be it paid search, organic search, email, referral, or social. Or you can see which landing pages are most effective, or which devices people purchase from most. And with that information, you can make better decisions about where to make improvements and invest your marketing efforts in the future.
If you choose to upgrade to a Pro account, you can also get access to a number of custom templates — or even work with Littledata’s team of experts to build something new.

Want to know everything Littledata can track? Compare Shopify’s standard tracking vs. Littledata for Shopify and Recharge.

Compare your performance against others

As a marketer, it’s important to always be improving. But how many times have you asked, “Well the campaign performed better than last time, but is that a good conversion rate?” That’s why Littedata enables you to compare yourself against industry benchmarks (also filterable by location and website size). That way, you know where you have the most room for improvement and should be doing research as to what top performers are doing.

Be alerted to key changes automatically

You don’t need to constantly check your Littledata dashboard, because Littledata pinpoints the most important changes in metrics and lets you know via in-app alerts and email notifications. It even explains what each metric means and how to use it to your advantage.

Create smarter personas

Perhaps one of the coolest features of Littledata is that it builds smart, data-driven personas for you. So, not only can you find out which channels are driving the most subscriptions, but you can also see what kind of customers are most likely to convert. What demographic group are they a part of? Which days of the week are they active, and on what device?
And with just that little bit of data, you can make extremely powerful marketing and advertising decisions.

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