• 10,000+ subscribers
  • 32% month-over-month growth
  • 25,000+ subscribers projected by 2018 year-end

Founded in January 2017 in San Diego, Manscaped is a men’s hygiene brand that focuses on empowering men with precision engineered tools and pH balanced formulations optimized for below-the-waist grooming. Their focus is providing men with easy to use manscaping kits that give men confidence and the right tools for the job. And today, they’re seeing 32% month-over-month growth rate.

How’d they do it?

Manscaped has always put a strong focus on improving their products and processes to provide the best possible customer experience from start to finish. One reason for their recent exponential growth: they give their customers a voice. When designing their second generation line up of products, their product development team used customer feedback as the inspiration for what to make next.
By using the suggestions and insight from their own subscribers, Manscaped not only figured out how to retain their subscribers, but they made them feel like part of the movement rather than simply a subscriber on a list.

By establishing an email feedback loop that puts customer needs and wants at the center of all they do, Manscaped has learned how to create and deliver incredible customer satisfaction that translates into a high customer retention rate, increased brand loyalty, and increased brand engagement. They’re currently operating at a 11% annual churn rate, with a goal of optimizing even more to maintain a single digit churn rate.
Subscription ecommerce is going to shape the future by helping small businesses create more sustainable recurring revenue models,” Fiore said. “It’s a huge opportunity for retailers.”
Recharge has been part of that success as well. Manscaped deployed an elaborate subscription infrastructure that integrated seamlessly with Recharge + Shopify. Access to the Recharge API gave them additional customized dashboard functionality which increased their subscription performance overall.
Part of that customization also included advanced checkout workflows for future subscriptions that triggered after the first sale. This gave customers the ability to opt into a quarterly subscription for replacement products, like blade heads. Once they implemented this in August, subscription volume jumped significantly.

“Recharge’s technical and customer support teams have given Manscaped unparalleled support,” said Ryan Fiore, VP of Marketing at Manscaped. “Their transparent and helpful team has increased our ability to deploy new, customized subscription offerings more efficiently. We can’t recommend them enough.”