Recharge spotlight store: Pantry Boy

Did you ever think that crock pots would become a craze in 2016? Yep, me neither. Turns out they are and its new-kid-on-the-block, Pantry Boy, that’s fueling the crock pot phenomenon.
I first connected with Budo Bunul, the founder of Pantry Boy, last month to learn more about how his company is creating the “new age grocery store.” He originally saw how Uber was disrupting transportation and that was an interesting twist on a traditional business. So, he took his passion for food and experience as a chef at Starwood hotels and several restaurants in Philadelphia and decided to launch Pantry Boy. Instead of building a business with high fixed costs (like a grocery store) and high waste (remember ugly fruit?), Budo honed in on reducing the cost of food consumption from farm to table.
As Budo puts it:

We love eating fun and healthy, but we were having a difficult time playing chef every night with our busy schedules and the little ones. Grocery shopping was very stressful and time consuming and then there was the chopping, prepping, cooking and clean up after the meal. After receiving a Crock-Pot as a gift from friends, we noticed how easy it was to make delicious meals, but we were still having a difficult time with “What’s for dinner?” And, of course, there was still the grocery shopping and the leftover ingredients which somehow never got used and eventually went to waste.

With Pantry Boy, families have the option to choose between vegetarian, omnivore or carnivore meals. Each week customers receive a box with chopped, farm-fresh ingredients that they simply toss into a slow cooker. It’s like Blue Apron but without all the fuss! He’s able to keep his costs low by renting a small warehouse instead of a large retail location. In addition, he’s able to increase or decrease his fulfillment staff based on customer demand.
What’s great is knowing that the ingredients are superior to what you’d normally find at CostCo, Krogers or Wal-Mart. How? Well, it turns out Budo and his team spend countless hours finding passionate local farmers, purveyors and suppliers to source the most ethical and freshest ingredients.
Chef Budo’s food tech concept is flourishing: he now ships to customers from across 27 states and hundreds of families are now ditching the grocery store to increase their quality family time at home.