Recharge spotlight store: Hummingbird

What do you get when you combine a ball of superfood, a banana and coconut water? The most revolutionary smoothie ever.

Australian-based company, Hummingbird, deconstructed the smoothie process and created what they call the blendie. Each blendie contains date, pea protein, psyllium husk, chia seeds, coconut oil, linseeds and sunflower seeds. And, they modify flavors by adding in ingredients such as beetroot, spinach or raw cacao to make them special and delicious. Here at Recharge, we consider blendies the perfect solution for storeowners who have zero time to think about cooking (#lifehack).
The founders of Hummingbird, Ben and Camilla, are huge breakfast lovers who are equally mindful of the products they consume. As a certified nutritionist, Camilla expects her products to be healthy and wholesome, just like the ingredients that are in them. That’s why she loves the focus on superfoods like Matcha, Maca and Spirulina in Blendies. While Ben is always on the go, he relies on a healthy and convenient breakfast option that offers a nourishing kick to keep him going all day long. Call it love at first flight, together these two teamed up to create the ultimate in sustainable and quick breakfast solutions.
Hummingbird’s subscriptions, powered by Recharge, include a monthly option as well as a 3-month prepaid alternative. On the back end, Ben and Camila enabled the out of stock email notification feature so if a particular blendie inventory is reduced to zero, the customer will receive an email update. Abracadabra, no delivery surprises!
Revenue has more than tripled since the company launched with Recharge this summer and the team has managed to keep churn under 10%. That’s what we call a success!