Recharge spotlight store: Dropps
Premium eco-friendly detergent pods — 100% Clean. 0% Middleman. EPA Certified.

What’s it like to be a category pioneer? Just ask the team at Dropps. The Philadelphia-based company has humble beginnings sprouting from a cotton-spinning company that made its own yarn. In the early 80’s the company discovered that regular drugstore detergent made their core cotton product very brittle, so they decided to make their own laundry detergent. Cot’n Wash, an enzyme free detergent, was created and kept delicate cotton fibers in tact, reducing wear and tear for high quality cotton.
The parent company kept innovating in the detergent category and by 2004 it became the first to develop the technology for pre-measured detergent packs. This became the very first detergent in a pack that was brought to market. Dubbed with the name “Dropps”, the product was quickly sold in hundreds of retail stores, including Bed, Bath & Beyond, and was even featured by Oprah.

So, where’s the subscriptions connection you ask? Well, in early 2013, Dropps made the decision to switch to Shopify. They found that the Dollar Shave Club model paved the way for more CPG products to be sold online and on subscription. After migrating to Recharge from another solution and customizing the checkout flow, Dropps subscription quickly took off. The company worked with the development agency, Lucid, in 2016 to further develop the flow by adding in the option for a free trial as well as a buy or subscribe option. You can see that in action here.
According to Dropps executive, Sydney Waldron, over 50 million Dropps pods have been sold to date and the company continues to be one step ahead of their competition. They are now the only company to offer a liquid detergent product in a “ships in it’s own packaging” 100% recyclable and repulpable corrugate box.
We love businesses that embody sustainability and Dropps does so with each fiber of their company.