Employee stories: Living my best life

As a lifelong artist, I’ve always been on the lookout for a working relationship that can support my greatest passion: music. Whether it’s taking a day here and there for a recording session or leaving for a month at a time on tour, the scheduling demands of professional touring musicianship are tremendous on both my professional and personal life–oh, how those lines have blurred!

My professional and musical careers have developed in parallel, but at jobs prior to Recharge, I have never truly enjoyed the true freedom required to excel in music. I’ve had to plan time off before touring plans come to fruition, making it nearly impossible to provide my employer with adequate notice, often requesting more time off than is allowed. Quite the complication! In order to be successful as a musician–or any industry, for that matter–one needs to take risks, pay his dues, and create a laser focus on the attributes that makes him stand out.

Fortunately, a lot of my “dues paying” (tours that end up in the red, playing shows for 5 people, spending thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours on a record that ends up being awful, terrible merchandise designs, etc) happened long before I started at Recharge–I’ve been performing since 2002, touring since 2006–and I had already established the fundamental elements of my musical career before joining this wonderful team. The need to take risks and to focus, however, will never go away, and Recharge’s open lines of communication, flexible PTO policy, and career guidance resources make it possible for me to pursue my passion without serious hindrances.

Recharge transcends the typical concepts of “remote work” and “unlimited PTO” by using its core values for guidance. Here are examples of how each core value directly applies to my situation and encourages me to pursue music:

  • Empathy
    • Recharge encourages me to pursue what makes me happy and fulfilled, creating a mutual respect and understanding between us
  • Ownership
    • Recharge empowers me to make my passion pursuit possible in the first place – successful pursuit relies entirely on my ability to stay on top of my projects and push initiatives forward by owning them
  • Simple Solutions
    • Recharge guides me towards simplicity in all situations – simple solutions help me accomplish my best work from anywhere, with limited assistance, driving as much impact as possible in my role

Of course, a nomadic touring lifestyle would be impossible without careful planning and reflection. I wouldn’t be able to go on tour for a month without preparing team members for my limited access, clearly communicating with my team/managers, nor without constantly refining my work so it supports the Recharge mission and vision. Recharge is beautiful because it is a living, breathing example of “you get out what you put in.” Working situations like mine do not fall into laps – they require introspection, refinement, and care.

The rarity of the opportunity to develop two areas of my life simultaneously is not lost on me. I understand how unique Recharge is in encouraging my lifestyle, and I’m endlessly grateful for the positive reinforcement oozing from Recharge’s upper management. It’s a blessing to be excited about my working environment, and I’m thrilled to work alongside passionate, professional, and empathic peers.

Some advice to those feeling stuck:

There has never been a more dynamic time in terms of working relationships, defying shift norms, and restructuring employment scenarios. Remote cultures are the future, and there are more digital nomads than ever before. I encourage you to scour job posts for working relationships that enhance your desired lifestyle, and if you can’t find anything, take ownership and create the lifestyle you crave for yourself within the bounds of a company you respect. With clear communication, diligent preparation, and an open-minded company, your dream working lifestyle is within reach.

Everyone will have a different “dream” working relationship, but using the following guidelines, you can find yours. Seek out employment opportunities in which:

  • Remote work is encouraged/allowed (the crux)
  • Passions are respected
  • Relationships are valued
  • Team members own their roles
  • The company ushers in the future by being open minded to non-traditional working relationships
  • Your professional and personal growth can develop in parallel
  • The company values work/life balance
  • The company’s core values enhance your desired lifestyle

In summary, the Recharge Core Values simultaneously encourage my lifestyle, support my passion, and motivate me to achieve balanced personal and professional growth. As an ancillary benefit, I now only accept tours that exhibit levels of professionalism mirroring those I experience while working at Recharge. Working here has made me more selective, which has made me more valuable in a completely separate industry. Who knew!?

Lastly, attitude is the single most important factor in your success, in any area. I would be out of luck if I viewed my situation as a burden as opposed to an opportunity. Everything is easier with this outlook.