We’re proud to announce that Recharge has acquired Rebundle, a trusted bundling solution that has worked with Recharge since 2019. We welcome the Rebundle team to the Recharge family and are thrilled to officially launch Bundles, a new feature offering for Recharge merchants. 

Rebundle, now rebranded as Bundles, allows merchants to combine multiple SKUs into a single product, which gives them the ability to add value through curated product experiences, helping boost average order value (AOV) and saving their customers effort in the process. With the acquisition, Bundles is now fully integrated into the Recharge platform, enabling both pre-set and customizable bundles that give subscribers the ability to update the items after checkout via the customer portal. 

Customizable bundling allows subscribers to personalize each order, picking and choosing the items they love for their next shipment, at a fixed price. Curated bundling offers merchants an easy and intuitive way to design custom product packages and deliver the products they know their customers will love, such as bestsellers, starter kits, and limited edition boxes. The ultimate impact: boosted AOV, customer retention, loyalty, and lifetime value (LTV)

“Bundles saved us a lot of work and helped us avoid customer confusion by making our subscription box more user-friendly.”

Roz Campbell, Founder, Tsuno

Bundles is yet another tool that we now offer to empower our merchants through recurring commerce.

A big thank you to Rebundle co-founders Paola Ramirez Gutierrez and Adolfo Builes for building a product that solves real merchant problems while adding value to each purchase and customer relationship. We’re thrilled to have you here!

—Oisin O’Connor, Co-Founder and CEO

Bundles is available to Recharge merchants on the Pro & Enterprise plans that use the Shopify platform. To learn more about Bundles and how to launch product bundles for your store, visit our website.