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Klaviyo V2 enables merchants to build and send automated transactional and marketing emails that are powered by more detailed subscription data

Merchants who want to grow their business can utilize subscription data to send more relevant messages to their customers. From discovering what additional products are relevant to your customers to keeping them engaged with your brand, there are many new opportunities to grow your customer base and build brand loyalty.

With that, we’re excited to share an improved integration with Klaviyo that allows merchants to trigger marketing campaigns based on more detailed subscription data.


This new integration has redesigned the self-serve installation process and has improved the flow of information to Klaviyo from Recharge. This allows merchants to use the subscription data from Recharge along with the custom properties they need for more targeted and relevant messaging including:

  • Welcome on “Subscription started on Recharge”
  • Manage and/or Upsell on “Order upcoming on Recharge”
  • Winback on “Subscription cancelled on Recharge” or abandoned cart
  • Marketing Campaign to all active subscribers
  • Better Targeting: when inventory is out of stock for a particular product, provide customers with an alternative variant for their next order
  • And many more

Recharge and Klaviyo merchants can use these new metrics, combined with multiple quick actions to create customized flows with advanced segmentation. These properties can be used to send targeted emails to key customer segments. For instance, merchants can trigger an automated email when an upcoming subscription is set to ship and upsell relevant products to their customers. Alternatively,  if a customer cancels their subscription, the merchant can try to retain the customer by triggering an email with alternative products or shipping cadences.  Additionally, merchants can target customers who abandoned their cart to try and win them back. 

“The new updates around Klaviyo & Recharge unlock extremely powerful tools for our email marketing campaigns. These enhancements will have a huge impact on our clients leveraging Recharge & Klaviyo to provide highly targeted campaigns and allow us to better support our clients in mitigating subscriber churn, supercharging AOV with product add-ons, and increasing LTV with abandoned cart and canceled subscriber win-back campaigns.”Yaseen Shurbaji, Co-Founder, Prismfly

This is a powerful retention tool for our 5000+ merchants who use Recharge and Klaviyo together. These new features are part of an already valuable integration that we will continue to improve. Merchants are already using Recharge and Klaviyo together to sync their Klaviyo segments with Facebook Custom Audiences to find new customers or win back lost customers. With automatic segment updating, they’re able to trigger relevant emails in real-time. 

“This exciting new integration between Klaviyo and Recharge makes it easier to send more targeted campaigns to Who Gives A Crap subscribers. The content we share via email is now more relevant and actionable.”

Mike Altman, Director of Lifecycle and CRM, Who Gives a Crap

All merchants using Recharge now have access to our Version 2 (V2) integration with Klaviyo through the ‘Integrations’ tab of your Recharge application and it’s available cross platform on: Recharge Checkout on Shopify, Shopify Checkout, Recharge Checkout on BigCommerce, and with our APIs.

To start using Klaviyo V2 or migrate from Klaviyo V1 to V2, visit our support documentation here. If you aren’t currently using Klaviyo to send highly-relevant emails and SMS to maximize your use of Recharge, create a Klaviyo account for free today or request a demo here.

*For merchants using Recharge with Shopify Checkout Integration, the ‘Started Checkout’ metric will be sent from Shopify instead of Recharge.