Employee stories: How I became a superhero

Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to be a superhero. I thought I wanted to save the world but as I grew up I realized I just wanted to help others.

Unfortunately, I’m very sensitive so I knew that I could not be a doctor. Which to me at a young age, sounded like the most obvious profession in which you can help others. My mother is a doctor, she went from General M.D to Medical Examiner and I always wondered how she managed to handle it. I could never do what she does and for the longest time, I saw that as a weakness.

But my mother didn’t. She knew I belonged somewhere else, and she guided me and pushed me to try new things until I found my thing. That’s how I found my two passions: tech and film.

However, I always knew that I had to pick one. Never in my life did I think I could do both. I realized the part of film I liked the most was screenwriting, so I went ahead and enrolled in a program in LA, went to film school, and graduated knowing that the journey was going to be long as it’s a tough industry to get into.

On the tech side, prior to film, I studied a Digital Art degree, and I realized I was probably not going to be the best engineer or developer, so I was very demotivated. I wanted to get into a tech company, but leading a team wasn’t something I thought as possible. Most companies sounded very corporate and I was not interested in that.

I knew I needed a place that allowed me to make my 5-year-old self proud by becoming a superhero.

I love screenwriting because I love telling stories. Movies impact us and we don’t even notice. There’s someone out there who decided to keep trying after watching Rocky. Someone who’s heart ached and bloomed watching Coco as we all thought of those who are no longer with us. Someone who’s awful day got better by watching a silly, funny movie.

And I love tech because it’s focused on solutions, on making other people’s lives better. In a world where news is constantly blasting our phones and social media with awful happenings, it’s great to be part of an industry that works on building a brighter future.

Recharge allows me to do both; tell stories and build a better world by allowing me to take care of people and making sure everyone has what they need to give their best.

I’ve never been happier and more fulfilled as I know I’m making a positive impact in the world. Whether that is making an upset client happy, or working on solutions for my team, or writing a story that an audience will get to see.

Now that I got my first real gig in the film industry, Recharge showed nothing but love and support, allowing me to take a few hours here and there, whenever needed, to write.

Recharge is definitely a place that encourages you to dream and go after those dreams, and that it’s possible to do both at the same time.

It has been a motivating experience, in which I have learned to better manage my time. With the help and tips from my co-workers, I’ve been managing to stay on top of my work and being more productive with my writing time without burning out.

Thank you Recharge for helping me become the superhero I’ve always wanted to be.